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If the person doesn't watch TV shows/sitcoms/movies, then I'd probably take their opinion more seriously, but if they are watching Spiderman and Batman movies with vested interest and are complaining about the aspect about it being not real, I'd probably not feel inclined to listen to them as it seems they're rather hypocritical to me. Rick Flair is the biggest over rated peace of monkey shit in the history of wrestling.

I thought HHH was starting to roll right before he got that devastating injury way back. He only had like maybe 3-5 moves that never changed over the years.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Charlotte spoke in a 2017 interview about being embarrassed about the number of times she has been divorced and people making fun of her for it.

Next time you want to make a joke about it, you might want to think twice.

I HATE CENA I can't stand how he is a 30 year old man that has a 3 year olds brain. About rick flair, his pyschology was the same old shit over and over again nothing changed with that man in over 30 years.

with Maggie Gray and his daughter Charlotte, Ric Flair said he thinks Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love would like Charlotte’s phone number.

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