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Sam and Andy are by the lake cleaning up Sam Apologizes for everything falling apart, she tells him that its perfect because its just them and kisses him, Andy walks away talking about starting up the BBQ and she turns around to Sam on one knee, Andy is shocked and drops everything in her hand Sam asks "Marry Me, Mc Nally" and she says yes.The next episode everyone is at the black penny celebrating their engagement, while Sam gets down on one knee asks Oliver to be his best man, Andy notices her ring is missing.She has feelings for her training officer, Swarek, and in the last three episodes of season 2, Andy and Sam enter a relationship.Although she is a fighter, she has some weakness when it comes to Sam Swarek... After dancing around a relationship, Sam and Andy take the plunge.When she was young her father took her on camping trips out in the woods Andy's luck with men may be not so thrilling.

6x09 Marlo goes into Labor with Sam not answering his phone and no help, Andy has to deliver Marlo and Sam's daughter, Sam finally shows up to hold his daughter, at the hospital Andy looks through the window at the family that she will never be apart of.

Swarek quietly believes that Andy could be made into a capable officer and though training officers are the forbidden fruit, Andy is feeling the pull of his confidence in her. It is not clear why her mother left but it may have something to do with her fathers job.

Because she herself can’t help but wonder after an endless series of screw ups, can she really do this job? Her father was a cop like her, and was actually Oliver Shaw's training officer. It is also possible it has something to do with his alcoholism, but it is unclear whether this started before or after she left.

The finale ends with Sam on the operating table, Andy by his side. Andy was hurt in an explosion in the season 5 finale when retrieving some evidence, consequently breaking her ribs. Season 6 starts with Andy and Sam returning from Oliver's cabin after a 3 week leave following the bombing.

Season 5 finds Andy and Sam confessing their feelings about each other, and they start dating. Andy had to train rookie Duncan Moore, but Officer Moore abandoned her when she was protecting a child from a gunman. Sam learns from Marlo that she's 4 months pregnant with his child.

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