Roy qiu dating Chili camsex

” In the meantime, Tiffany’s manager has blasted Roy and said, “Even till now, Roy has not mentioned about breaking up.

Unnamed sources claiming to be Roy’s friend have told the newspapers that he refers to her as his “girlfriend” to his friends in private, and that his career took off like a rocket since he did with her, hence he also sees her as his good luck charm which is another reason why her picture is in his race car.

But this proved to be too much for her, and in the end her production company didn’t end up doing the drama and it was handed off to the network and she ended up starring in it only.

That major fight plus both being so busy with work is what caused the relationship to tank.

After the breakup of Roy Chiu and Tiffany Tang, fingers are pointing that Tia Li Yufen is the cause of the couple’s separation.

Roy was accused of two timing after Tia was spotted visiting him at the film set at the beginning of this year.

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