Roy qiu dating validating the intel pentium 4 microprocessor

After boarding the car, the pair took off their masks and Tia drove off to Roy’s apartment.

Upon reaching Roy’s place, Tia was visibly shocked when she spotted the paparazzi.

While Roy hasn’t spoken up, Roy’s agent is pretty spitting mad at Tang Yan’s side and is snarking that she’s lied about her age to the public and therefore she’s not honest either.

But the network had already contacted Roy and when he found out what she had done, they fought bitterly over it and went into a cold war mode in their relationship.

Which is why Tang Yan repeatedly flew to Taiwan the second half of last year to try and make up with her boyfriend.

Although Roy and Tia have dismissed their romantic rumours, the couple was caught together in the wee hours recently.

Tia was photographed driving Roy home after a gathering with friends.

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