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It is important to emphasize that SSL/TLS (HTTPS) does not protect against session ID prediction, brute force, client-side tampering or fixation.Yet, session ID disclosure and capture from the network traffic is one of the most prevalent attack vectors even today.

The session ID length must be at least 128 bits (16 bytes).The session ID must simply be an identifier on the client side, and its value must never include sensitive information (or PII).The meaning and business or application logic associated to the session ID must be stored on the server side, and specifically, in session objects or in a session management database or repository.For example, there are well-known implementations, such as Microsoft ASP.NET, making use of 120-bit random numbers for its session IDs (represented by 20-character strings [10]) that can provide a very good effective entropy, and as a result, can be considered long enough to avoid guessing or brute force attacks.The session ID exchange mechanism based on cookies provides multiple security features in the form of cookie attributes that can be used to protect the exchange of the session ID: The “Secure” cookie attribute instructs web browsers to only send the cookie through an encrypted HTTPS (SSL/TLS) connection.This session protection mechanism is mandatory to prevent the disclosure of the session ID through Mit M (Man-in-the-Middle) attacks.The session ID value must provide at least 64 bits of entropy (if a good PRNG is used, this value is estimated to be half the length of the session ID).NOTE: The session ID entropy is really affected by other external and difficult to measure factors, such as the number of concurrent active sessions the web application commonly has, the absolute session expiration timeout, the amount of session ID guesses per second the attacker can make and the target web application can support, etc [2].It is recommended to create cryptographically strong session IDs through the usage of cryptographic hash functions such as SHA1 (160 bits).The session management implementation defines the exchange mechanism that will be used between the user and the web application to share and continuously exchange the session ID.

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