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The session ID exchange mechanism based on cookies provides multiple security features in the form of cookie attributes that can be used to protect the exchange of the session ID: The “Secure” cookie attribute instructs web browsers to only send the cookie through an encrypted HTTPS (SSL/TLS) connection.This session protection mechanism is mandatory to prevent the disclosure of the session ID through Mit M (Man-in-the-Middle) attacks.If a user submits a session ID through a different exchange mechanism, such as a URL parameter, the web application should avoid accepting it as part of a defensive strategy to stop session fixation.NOTE: Even if a web application makes use of cookies as its default session ID exchange mechanism, it might accept other exchange mechanisms too.In order to protect the session ID exchange from active eavesdropping and passive disclosure in the network traffic, it is mandatory to use an encrypted HTTPS (SSL/TLS) connection for the entire web session, not only for the authentication process where the user credentials are exchanged.

If the session objects and properties contain sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, it is required to duly encrypt and protect the session management repository.NOTE: The session ID length of 128 bits is provided as a reference based on the assumptions made on the next section "Session ID Entropy".However, this number should not be considered as an absolute minimum value, as other implementation factors might influence its strength.The usage of an encrypted communication channel also protects the session against some session fixation attacks where the attacker is able to intercept and manipulate the web traffic to inject (or fix) the session ID on the victims web browser [4].The following set of HTTPS (SSL/TLS) best practices are focused on protecting the session ID (specifically when cookies are used) and helping with the integration of HTTPS within the web application: See the OWASP Transport Layer Protection Cheat Sheet.There are multiple mechanisms available in HTTP to maintain session state within web applications, such as cookies (standard HTTP header), URL parameters (URL rewriting – RFC 2396), URL arguments on GET requests, body arguments on POST requests, such as hidden form fields (HTML forms), or proprietary HTTP headers.The preferred session ID exchange mechanism should allow defining advanced token properties, such as the token expiration date and time, or granular usage constraints.If a session ID with an entropy of 64 bits is used, it will take an attacker at least 292 years to successfully guess a valid session ID, assuming the attacker can try 10,000 guesses per second with 100,000 valid simultaneous sessions available in the web application [2].The session ID content (or value) must be meaningless to prevent information disclosure attacks, where an attacker is able to decode the contents of the ID and extract details of the user, the session, or the inner workings of the web application.It is recommended to create cryptographically strong session IDs through the usage of cryptographic hash functions such as SHA1 (160 bits).The session management implementation defines the exchange mechanism that will be used between the user and the web application to share and continuously exchange the session ID.

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