San antonio dating business reviews what are the rules for dating courtship in nigeria

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READ: Foreign websites steal our content I was actually pleased to find your original complaint.

I signed up and paid 0 down and arranged to make monthly payments for the next 10 months.

I have heard nothing from the company since I signed up on 12/21/12.

I would respond to the company and tell them if I was interested in meeting this person.

Today I received a call from a man that said he was with Texas Singles.I had a very similar experience with this company and asked for my money to be refunded several times.Even if the company is legit, it does not sit well with me that the employees are completely unwilling to refund the money and remind me "too've signed a contract." If they actually cared about me and my happiness so much, why are they so unwilling to care when I do not want to do this? and Pacific High, Inc Ted Law and Rachel Law are the Directors of both Lully's Inc. Together Dating Service is a dba of Joint Concepts LC located in Dallas, TX. The Managers / Directors are Ted Law and Shane Weisberg??? Jeanette Weisberg, Member Service Director is listed as a Principal for Together Dating Service in San Antonio.. I strongly believe that the company can be fought, but it will take more than 1 person.I am the person that originally wrote this report on Texas Singles.I am curious as to what the company did to get you to write your response..if the original complaint was even from a member or was posted out there by an employee of the company.Regardless, I encourage anyone who actually has been a victim of this company's deceptive practices, coercive strategies, and pressure to sign because they can "find the one for you better than you can" to contact the local news stations and post their experiences on this site.WARNING - READ REVIEWS ON Rip Off – BEFORE you decide to make an appointment or accept an invitation for a face-to-face interview?????? PLEASE do yourself a favor and read my experience below and the reviews on the Rip Off Report website. is anywhere from a low of 00 to over ,000 depending on the level of service ?????? My contract amount with Together Dating Service in San Antonio was 95?????? I NEVER receive any referrals OR any other service from Together Dating Service?????? I requested they cancel my contract and refund my money WITHIN THRESS (3) HOURS after leaving their office?

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