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It's been six years since Andy Weir became a self-publishing success story on the back of The Martian.

A scientifically fastidious yet satisfying work of fiction that spoke of a stranded astronaut's struggle to survive on the ruthless red planet, it—and Ridley Scott's subsequent adaptation of said—made sci-fi fun for some; specifically for folks who had previously sneered at the genre for its seeming self-seriousness.

But to paraphrase Jazz, who likens the shining city the novel is named after to "a bunch of metallic boobs," Weir is clearly no poet—and he knows it.

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You just can't see the parts that are belowground." It's in these nether regions that we find the story's hero-to-be.

You’ve just reminded us we’re not as awesome as we think.

Life on Artemis, the first and only city on the moon, is tough if you’re not a rich tourist or an eccentric billionaire.

What They’re Trying To Say: You’re not society’s version of perfect, you’re my version of perfect.

How It Comes Across: I have acknowledged your flaws and am still interested. While it’s great that you are interested regardless of our imperfections, if you really cared, you wouldn’t mention them at all. What They’re Trying to Say: You don’t need those things to be beautiful.

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