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Placing concrete can be challenging if you are not fully prepared for the task at hand.

Even if you are, it has potential to be quite difficult and you must have a plan of action fully laid out before you begin.

Download High strength concrete is used for specific projects, such as building high-rises, that have certain needs.

For more examples of projects as well as how to design a high-strength mixture, read this guide.

We’ll provide you with information about our preferred contractors, people we trust to deliver the high level of service and quality we expect from ourselves.

How to Increase the Durability of Your New Driveway An Owner’s Guide to Care and Maintenance of Exterior Concrete.

Whether they are allowing you more time to place the concrete or speeding up the drying process, there is a lot to learn about admixtures.

Download If moisture is able to pass through your concrete slab, it can cause problems such as odors and discoloration of the materials laid above it, like tile or carpet. Download Materials can be added to your concrete to make them more durable, strong and easy to work with.

They’re called supplementary cementitious materials and you can learn more about different types and uses by clicking here.

By properly sealing the surface of the concrete driveway you help stop the penetration of water into (or just under) the surface of the concrete.

Water penetrating the surface and freezing is one of the causes of scaling and popouts, especially in concrete less than two years old.

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