Seriation sequence dating

A large number of plant types (described and defined through the identification of their pollens in soil) and animal types (described and defined through the identification of their skeletal remain in soils) specific to each of these climatic stages are established as a guideline.Any prehistoric site in which these indicators of environment are found associated along with the cultural debris, the dating becomes relatively easy by comparison of the latter with the established guideline.

Before we go into these methods of dating it will be important to understand how the glacial/interglacial chromometer is applied in practice.

The glaciations which descended down from the North Pole accompanied glaciers of all glaciated mountains gliding down to lower plains.

In Europe the glaciers have been identified by giving them names of rivers on the Alps.

Thus, in a terraced stratigraphy it is often the topmost layer, or more correctly terrace, which are the oldest and the lowest layer the youngest.

The Pleistocene is an epoch which forms a part of the Quaternary period which in turn is a part of the Cenozoic Era.

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