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This is a code violation and has been reported to the Illinois Fire Marshall and EPA.My clothes and shoes were ruined and his response was I only charged you . I had to spend 0 on new boots and clothes and a coat.I can be for sure exactly how much was in my wallet much it was around o dollars and I asked store clerk Michelle if the store have cameras to check who stole my money ??I don’t know but and hate to say anyone one did but one young man that’s is a employee seem really nervous when my girl friend asked who had found it about the cameras he walked back to get store clerk Michelle which took my name number and address .When the gas has ordered the statement was diesel the employee behind the counter did not indicate he was not at the proper pump.As with all diesel there is a green color that indicates you were at the correct pump.BP’s primary listing is on the London Stock Exchange but the company also trades in New York and Frankfurt. At pm brand new 2018 car with 340 miles, would not start. Contaminated gas, cost me 6.85 to fix plus loss of use of vehicle 8 days. Reply On 12/13/15 I stopped for gas in Wenona, IL on the way to my granddaughters 5th birthday party.

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Below is an internet link of a case where several African Employees in the Houston office, sued and won a Law suit against Chris Wolfington.It was owned by the British Government until 1979, when the company began to privatize in stages. Today BP is one of the six oil and gas supermajors, and the sixth largest oil and gas company in the world.BP operates in all parts of the oil and gas industry as a vertically integrated company, including exploration, production, refining, distribution, marketing, power generation, petrochemicals, and trading.Internet Link is, If he should ask where this information came from tell him it is public information, which is listed online.The real question should be “what cause he to disrespect people African American Employee’s.I told him he is charging me nothing and called the BP credit card which informed me he lied and had charged 0 for the 47 gallons. Sounds expensive but I wear size 15 shoes and the only ones we could find going south were hunting boots at Bass Pro Shop…he needs to be fired and if he is the owner his franchise pulled.Reply BP I was in the BP on Remount Road, Charlotte, NC this morning at 7am, I paid for gas with my debit card, When I tried to get the gas, the gas didn’t come out and I wet back into the store and they wouldn’t give me my money back or put it back on my card.The Transportation Company you are currently using; owner Chris Wolfington has operated his Houston office company under three different names for several years.Carey of Houston, City Car Services and Corp Car Services." But there was a wall of fire coming over us like a giant tidal wave on either side. BP is a British oil and gas company with worldwide headquarters in London, England.

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