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“Stephanie is filling a huge unmet need,” said Sister Mary Scullion, executive director of Project HOME.Scullion said it doesn’t much matter to her if it took the plight of some puppies to get people more involved in the issue of homelessness.Genevieve Frederick founded Pets of the Homeless to try to keep pets and owners together.Her Nevada-based organization provides food, emergency medical attention, and crates to shelters willing to house animals nationwide.Sena has about ,000 in hand and estimates she’ll need ,000 more.

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And each year she reaches out for donations and support in order to stay open from November through April.“For some people it is their oxygen, their suicide barrier, their only source of affection,” Irvine said.Her research also showed how much people value animals — often over humans.Frederick said she didn’t know of any pet-friendly shelters in the Philadelphia area. “They don’t think about themselves becoming homeless next week, but when they see a homeless person with an animal, they can relate right away, because they have a pet at home.” Research shows people are more apt to give money to people on the street if they have animals, said Leslie Irvine, a sociologist who wrote a book of interviews with 75 homeless people living with animals in five American cities.In Irvine’s interviews with homeless pet owners, she said people relied on the animals for companionship, a connection to home, a distraction from drugs or alcohol, and, in the most extreme cases, a reason to live.“I’ve been yelling from the rooftops, ‘Our neighbors are dying on the streets,’ and money is slowly trickling in,” Sena said.This summer, she started pitching an idea to open a new shelter that would allow people to bring in their pets.Schaffer-Stevens, of Haddonfield, said she’d provide those and other resources to the shelter and act as a conduit between Sena and other animal care providers.Ella Sharon (left), Stephanie Sena, Michele Schaffer-Stevens and D’Nyh Philmore (right) play with rescue dog Aladdin in a classroom at Meredith Elementary School.“They probably recognize the person as vulnerable, too, but the animal is doubly vulnerable because the standard narrative is, the dog didn’t choose to be homeless, which of course the human didn’t either,” Irvine said.John Toth didn’t choose to be living on the streets of Philadelphia.

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