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Literally bumping into one another on their first day, Adrien asks Marinette to have lunch with him, leading to romance, action, a reveal, and a deeper story that will change things for them forever...Imagine how much their lives could have been changed over the course of 11 months instead of 11 days...After getting an app downloaded on his phone, and helping an unknown man return a phone, MC finds himself stuck with a group called the RFA.

No one wants a for-your-eyes-only shot opened on a crowded subway car.But Between focuses on “moments,” and serves as a sort of collaborative scrapbook.If Between is like a Facebook that couples share in private, You&Me is a Snapchat that never disappears.This time I asked the lovely daynaan (Black_Dawn new id on AO3) to help and share the responsibility with me. lanceylance: okay so obviously i’m romeocarrierpidgeon: romeo was a playerkogayne: yep so he’s romeo and i’m juliet, who’s paris In which the team is in high school, and Lance makes a group chat ( graduates Shiro, Matt, and Allura).(A generic bandwagon chatfic because why are these so fun to write???? How do you stay friends when the only thing you have in common is a perfect GPA and an even higher IQ.You&Me is meant to be a catch-all for lovey dovey communications, but I have to admit that I didn’t test the app with a romantic partner. After several hours of mocking the features, we were in agreement: As two goofy, app-happy women in our early twenties, we had never seen anything better ever OMG what is life.Like all of How About We’s products, You&Me is designed to bring couples together—and then keep them that way.All of this is presented beautifully, and can be packaged into “scrapbooks” for later enjoyment.Plus, unlike a lot of messaging platforms, the messages are presented in a continuous stream, so you never have to pause and hit a “load more” button while enjoying some romantic nostalgia.But the feature that makes this app really, really feel like something the tween crowd will devour is “halfsies.” What are halfsies?These are halfsies: I suppose one could make the argument that making your half of the photo match up to the other half is some kind pair-bonding exercise. (We’re actually very proud of that last one.) In any case, this silly feature solidifies the app as something that friends will want to use.

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