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“Given the explosion of messaging apps, I do think we’ve made the most elegant, smartest, useful messaging app ever created,” Schildkrout says, “and I’ve seen people ask to be able to use it with all of their friends.” But for now, it’s a one-on-one experience.

So You&Me probably won’t be upending Snapchat as the go-to for weird, embarrassing, and private photo shares.

Yup, for the 3rd year I'm doing another Mystrade or Greg centered fic.But if the app takes off, we’ve got one more place to feel self-conscious about when to define a relationship as “official”—sending that presumptuous email invite to start a You&Me conversation could be the new “Facebook official.” And for those using the app for friends-only, the anxiety could be even higher: Which best friend is the one I’ll commit to?Let’s just say I won’t be surprised to hear that middle schools are being torn asunder, as girls and boys make their choices.All of this is presented beautifully, and can be packaged into “scrapbooks” for later enjoyment.Plus, unlike a lot of messaging platforms, the messages are presented in a continuous stream, so you never have to pause and hit a “load more” button while enjoying some romantic nostalgia.) In which seven college students fall into a group chat, fall in love, and fall into all kinds of trouble. Sanic added Yaomomo, broccoli, space jam, and 16 others to Class 1-A Group Chat Sanic: Good afternoon fellow students!Yaoyorozu and I thought it would be a good idea to create a group chat for the class!After getting an app downloaded on his phone, and helping an unknown man return a phone, MC finds himself stuck with a group called the RFA.Being a student at SKY University, a guest coordinator and trying not to mess anything up all at the same time, he's beginning to wonder if he'll survive the 11 days.But Between focuses on “moments,” and serves as a sort of collaborative scrapbook.If Between is like a Facebook that couples share in private, You&Me is a Snapchat that never disappears.

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