Simplified dating com

You’re not dating a piano, you’re dating a person who is just as flawed and fucked up as you are.

Strip out the extraneous parts and just focus on the core.

The components of dating – where to meet people, how to get to know them off a cold or warm approach, the different aspects of attraction, even how to act on dates, can seem pants-shittingly intimidating.

After all, when you’re socially inexperienced, how are you supposed to keep all of this in mind secure that next date and and…

You can work outwards from there as you become more at ease. I often compare dating to catching a ball that’s been tossed to you. Real damn easy, Doc.” Except when you think about it…it’s really not. Then you have to gauge your own reaction time relative to the ball’s presumed target, position yourself to catch the ball, extend your arm precisely so as to catch it without injuring yourself or swatting the ball out of the way instead, and then do all of those calculations .

You watch the ball, you reach up, catch it, maybe throw it back. But when you start thinking about all the complexities involved…suddenly you can’t do it anymore.

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