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You can reduce your chances of getting gonorrhea by practicing safe sex, and by getting regular screenings.Your risk for gonorrhea is higher if you: • Are young • Are having sex with a new partner • Are having sex with someone who is having sex with other people • Have multiple sex partners • Have had gonorrhea before • Have had other STDs There are specific steps you can take to safeguard yourself from gonorrhea: Use condoms. They act as a barrier and keep bacteria from infecting you. If they haven’t, have a conversation about getting tested.

That kind of thing is annoying six months into a relationship so on a first date it’s just a no-go.’ 8. ‘A girl once asked me on our first (and last) date to take a selfie with her so she could send it to her mum to let her know how the date was going. As someone who funded university life as a waiter, I found her whole attitude towards the staff there offensive and it made it clear that she wasn’t girlfriend material for me.’ 11. ‘Smelling nice is great but too much perfume can be overpowering. You get it from having sex with someone who is infected with it.Some people call it “the clap.” Gonorrhea usually causes pain and other symptoms in your genital tract, but it can also cause problems in your rectum, throat, eyes, or joints.The only sure way to keep from getting gonorrhea is not to have sex.You also have a lower risk if you’re in a long-term sexual relationship with only one person and you’re their only partner.If you come into contact with the penis, vagina, mouth, or anus of someone carrying this bacterium, you can get gonorrhea.These germs can’t live for more than a few seconds outside the body, so you can’t get this STD by touching objects like toilet seats or clothes.What do members of the opposite sex find most off-putting on a first date? I would never judge a date on what she orders so I expect the same in return.’ 3. ‘One date spent half of our meal explaining how she was “unlucky in love” and that she didn’t know where she was going wrong.Being on your phone/ having your phone on the table… I hate having to repeat myself continuously because my date is distracted by a Facebook notification or an incoming Whats App message. I didn’t have the heart to tell her but is where she was going wrong.I know it was all in good fun and that she was a really nice girl but it made me dread seeing her.’ 6. ‘Someone once took five bathroom breaks on a dinner date with me.I thought she had a bladder problem or just didn’t like me – it turns out she was doing her make up.

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