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So when a dating service like Singles Net exploits women sexually for its personal gain, they are running a huge risk of creating a massive unbalance in the ratio of men to women.

One of the main reasons is that women are turned off by this type of advertising. The Gender and Media Monitor (Issue #8) cites research showing that in the UK, two thirds of women felt that advertisers go too far in using sex to sell their product.

If you are comparing online dating sites, is one place you might want to consider.

Well, one of the features Singlesnet offers is a zip code search.

One month costs around , and a year is – which works out to only about .50 a month when a whole year is purchased at once.

The larger subscriptions can be nice way to make sure you have enough time to find the right person, without being rushed along.

However – like most sites – you can’t message back until you purchase a complete paid subscription.

Rates are reasonable, and are a little lower than what you expect to pay at most dating services.

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