Soulful dating network

Last week, I talked about the “.” In case you didn’t know why cougars are so great and why so many men covet them, that post explains it.

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Every man has a different reason for why he would like to be with one, maybe it’s because their girlfriend had a hot mom when they were younger, perhaps it is due to the fact that they had a really attractive teacher growing up, but, one way or another, there is definitely a certain allure to having sex with an older woman.

Join Rob Schmitz and Luo Xin as they discuss how they hit the streets and developed these critically acclaimed creative non-fiction titles.

A Young Writers Panel featuring high school writers, moderated by high school student, Jennifer Zhou.

Xie Ding has established a name for himself in China for delivering fresh and real stories under the “Noon Story” non-fiction brand he developed with, and he is currently developing a new column called “Beast Interviews” that will feature regular in-depth interviews from across China.

In conversation with NPR Beijing Correspondent Anthony Kuhn.

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