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When the lever (pallet) leaves a tooth of the escape wheel, the pendulum must rotate a litter further.

4) Take the pendulum and place the top of it over the suspension plate (C, figure I), located at the end of the suspension wire . Make certain that the bottom point of the pendulum hands directly over the cone of the brass cup, otherwise the clock is not level.7) WINDING: -- Clock winding is a memorable anniversary for many families the world over.To some, New Year’s Day is ideal; others honor the date of anniversary of a wedding, birth, or special family occasion with this sentimental custom.6) HAND SETTING – The clock should be set to the proper time by moving the minute hand.Do not touch the hour hand as this moves automatically.If the distance the pendulum travels is unequal at both ends of the rotation, the clock is "out of beat".To put the clock "in beat" the method is as follows: On the back plate is a bridge (D) under which a small round pillar is attached and held by screw (F).For testing and regulating purposes, the clock has been one third wound before leaving the factory.To wind fully, give the spring 3 to 4 further turns with the key. Do not force the spring, wind only until you find that the key will not readily turn further.when fully wound, your Schatz clock requires no further winding for 400 days.8) Carefully place the glass dome into position, covering the clock.

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