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"The truth is, it was a circus and we all played a part in making it so." The interview for which he was best known was in 1983 with Bob Hawke, who had just ousted Bill Hayden as leader of the Opposition."So, Bob Hawke, how do you feel with blood on your hands? Hawke's ensuing televised tantrum has been described as one of the most celebrated moments in television history.The Channel Nine news reporter Peter Harvey said he and Carleton "were talking only days ago about health … we were talking about the fragility of that".Harvey described Carleton as a dynamic and forceful personality. He was a primary colour." Channel Nine's chief executive, Eddie Mc Guire, said he was one of Australia's great journalists, admired and loved by his peers and television audiences.At the end of the speed dating you will have an idea about who you are attracted to and get the chance to talk with them further in a more relaxed environment.Speed dating events are organised in different ways but the idea is always to have a time limit to meet and get to know someone.That year he was also dubbed the "caviar crusader" after he was caught tucking into an esky packed with quince paste and caviar on assignment in Dili.

It was the afternoon of the 12th day of the painstaking rescue of Todd Russell and Brant Webb, trapped underground after an earth tremor and rock fall at the mine.Veel van deze vrouwen zijn wanhopige alleenstaande moeders en gehuwde vrouwen die op zoek zijn naar spannend plezier. Ga je ermee akkoord om de identiteit van deze vrouwen geheim te houden? Would you like to be able to browse thousands of Launceston singles and choose who you would like to get to know better? By creating your own Launceston personals ad you will be able to search through our photos of singles and personals in Launceston, or if you wish you can use the Launceston matchmaker system to see your 2 way matches and who's looking for you in Launceston with a simply click of a button."He died doing what he loved - working as an on-the-road reporter for 60 Minutes." Carleton joined 60 Minutes in August 1987.Born at Bowral in 1943, he was educated at Sydney Grammar School and the University of NSW.The 62-year-old reporter, whose career spanned four decades, was pronounced dead on arrival at Launceston Hospital.Sometimes critical of the media circus that gathers around tragedies and disasters, Carleton often found himself a part of it.It's the man from 60 Minutes." Earlier, he had signed an autograph for a young girl, writing "have a healthy life".Most of the assembled press wanted to know about the speed of the recovery effort. At the news conference, he said to the mine manager, Matthew Gill: "On the 26th of October last year, not 10 metres from where these men are now entombed, you had a 400-tonne rock fall.Colleagues and members of the public rushed to Carleton's side, tearing open his shirt to start cardiopulmonary resuscitation.A wall of blankets was held up by Carleton's media colleagues, including Tracy Grimshaw, the host of A Current Affair, until an ambulance arrived to take him away.

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