Standard deviation radiocarbon dating

It would be pretty hard to put a ‘moratorium’ on Waipoua forest, which is vast and is full of public walking tracks. It is also well known that ‘Maori’ have destroyed many sites elsewhere. These conspiracy theory-related claims get bigger and bigger in the retelling.

Finally it never hurts to review the literature, this should always be the initial step in any endeavor. A small amount of one report was apparently withheld from publication, after requests from local iwi. Numerous archaeological surveys and digs have been done in Waipoua forest; many of them have been written up and can be read in research libraries (there are half a dozen in the University of Auckland library catalogue).) state that counting statistics do not represent all the uncertainties in radiocarbon dating and that the errors resulting from type of sample, preparation and laboratory differences are difficult to quantify.When the consortium correlated the data resulting from various wood samples from different labs for the 2004 the atmospheric decadal tree ring data set, they applied an error multiplier k to the estimated standard deviations (SD) of the various data sets.k = σ) The tree ring data set for the years between 14 used Belfast Irish oak.The University of Washington (Seattle data set) supplied most of the measurements. sample 3 linen from Cleopatra’s Mummy, age measured by scintillation counting = 2,010 ± 80 yr BP. I had a quick look at that site, which is run by Martin Doutre, and even by his account it seems there’s less to the Waipoua case than I thought. But thousands of people visit Waipoua every year and numerous archaeologists have studied the forest. I can’t think of any other country where archaeological digs are curtailed and what was already discovered is ‘covered up’. I cannot for the life of me understand why the archaeological excavations were not allowed to continue and why we are not allowed to delve into our history.

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