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In the United States, the First Dental Practice Act required dentists to pass each specific states medical board exam in order to practice dentistry in that particular state.

However, because the dental act was rarely enforced, some dentists did not obey the act.

Around 1867, the first university associated dental school was established, Harvard Dental School.

Lucy Hobbs Taylor was the first woman to earn a dental degree.

These new methods included the spinning wheel to rotate a drill and chairs made specifically for dental patients.

In the 1840s the world's first dental school and national dental organization were established.

In response to the rise in new dentists as well as dentistry techniques, the first dental practice act was established to regulate dentistry.From 1846-1855 new dental techniques were being invented such as the use of ester anesthesia for surgery, and the cohesive gold foil method which enabled gold to be applied to a cavity.The American Dental Association was established in 1859 after a meeting with 26 dentists.The second group, the lay barbers, were qualified to perform regular hygienic services such as shaving and tooth extraction as well as basic surgery.However, in 1400 France made decrees prohibiting lay barbers from practicing all types of surgery.In America from 1768-1770 the first application of dentistry to verify forensic cases was being pioneered; this was called forensic dentistry.With the rise of dentists there was also the rise of new methods to improve the quality of dentistry.In China as well as France, the first people to perform dentistry were barbers.They have been categorized into 2 distinct groups: guild of barbers and lay barbers.In the 20th century new dental techniques and technology were invented such as: the porcelain crowns (1903), Novocain (a local anesthetic) 1905, precision cast fillings (1907), nylon toothbrushes (1938), water fluoridation (1945), fluoride toothpaste (1950), air driven dental tools (1957), lasers (1960), electric toothbrushes (1960), and home tooth bleaching kits (1989) were invented. must graduate from high school and complete required courses such as general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, statistics, and calculus.Inventions such as the air driven dental tools ushered in a new high speed dentistry. While nearly all dental schools require at least a bachelor's degree (4 years of college coursework), a select few may consider admitting exceptional students after only 3 years of college, although this is very rare.

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