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With the idea that a photograph ought to look like a photograph came a search for "photograph" which may have sucked the botany illustrations of Karl Blossfeldt into abstract art, the snapshots of Lartigue or the news photos of Weegee into social commentary and even the anonymous police mugshot into a portraiture of the other.

The overriding question is always "what is a photograph? " I'm working on my own search for an answer and one way is to ask myself if it is possible to take the photographer out of the equation.

August Sander's German archetypes trying to maintain their place in the chaotic world after the Great War are now assumed to say far more than "this is what farmers look like, here's a baker".

Ainsi, dans son Dating Portfolio, Susan Bozic nous fait découvrir la relation amoureuse parfaite – le seul hic est que l’homme parfait n’est pas humain. Le duo Cooke-Sasseville, pour sa part, présente une production satirique et teintée d’humour mais qui véhicule néanmoins d’importants messages.Just how far can we remove the "artist" as the automation of the camera continues to increase?The photo here was taken by a camera that was set up to shoot at 20 second intervals.I did not "take" the photograph, my finger was nowhere near the shutter and my eye was far away from the viewfinder.Is this a more, or less pure photograph than one that I composed and pulled the trigger on? The serial shots here are absolutely a typology, they are in fact a series, a stop motion video of the model's performance.Leur installation intitulée La Vie en Rose (illustrant un flamand rose posant sa tête sur une voie ferrée) nous fait prendre conscience que nous sous-estimons souvent les conditions qui mènent au suicide.L’oeuvre Mourir enfin, quant à elle, nous présente une scène de désolation dans laquelle trois jeunes découvrent avec stupeur la catastrophe qu’ils ont créée.On one hand you had the carte de visite of the local shop on the corner and on the other the pictorialism of the educated upper crust.You had the portraits of Karsh or the mug shots of the anonymous police photographer.I'm seeing a dialogue here not between the camera technician and the photographer, but between the camera itself and the photographer.Working entirely with found images, Time and Space looks at the overlooked or in-between moments of captured memory.

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