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Indeed, loss, violence and harassment are not just the stuff of statistics for Moss, but real traumas under the shiny public surface.But she hopes to show that, like many other women, she is a survivor - not a victim - and to scuttle some lingering taboos.''I had to write this book because there are things that need to be improved, that matter and influence real people's lives,'' she says in a Canadian accent only slightly dented by 18 years in Australia.Moss apologises for the unironed linen cloth on the table.A small sign of an overachiever in a world where few people even own a linen tablecloth?The book ties in with her enrolment as a doctoral candidate in the department of gender and cultural studies at the University of Sydney.She realised, though, that if she was going to address the fictions in other women's lives, she had to expose her own.When most people think of Berlin, they think of the wall and the horrors of WWII, but this is also a city with a long and fascinating history of art, fashion and the avant garde.Berlin boasts a veritable treasure trove for lovers of art and antiques, and for those interested in vintage clothing – a unique, affordable and sustainable alternative to many modern labels – there is much to explore, including Toast and Jam, the famous vintage fashion fair that runs twice a year.

Her tours are casual in feel, operate by foot and UBahn (Berlin subway) and are adaptable to your individual interests.

Finally, once you are famished from all that walking, marvelling at Berlin’s colourful history, and hunting for unique vintage to take home, head to Sorgenfrei (pictured below) for some retro cuisine comforts.

Order the Toast Hawaii for a real 50s moment, and soak up the upbeat 50s and 60s vintage atmosphere.

- writes books, and sometimes as a bimbo, a whore or worse.

She's almost as impatient with admirers who see her as a perfect vision of success, beauty and happiness. Determined as I am to avoid them, it is hard not to take a sharp breath as Moss emerges from her sprawling weatherboard house in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney; a long-limbed, ageless Amazon in jeans, boots and black camisole, a peacock feather tattooed on her arm, her red lips and nails neon warning signs in the misty rain.

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