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“We feel like there’s a lot of, for lack of a better term, qualified candidates for those [bottom-six] spots,” said Cassidy.“Some of that was by design when Donnie [Sweeney] was building the roster in the offseason.

But Eric is making a name for himself for his ability to chirp teammates on Twitter, like when teammate Kevin Klein was named one of Nashville's 25 most beautiful people.

But that doesn't necessarily make them fun or interesting follows on Twitter, unless you find tweets filled with exclamation points fun or interesting. Boy, that's lovely and fascinating and doesn't clog my Twitter stream at all.

The best players with huge followings generally tend to play it conservatively on Twitter. There are some players who don't quite have the following of the NHL's superstars who are worth your social-media attention and bring far more to the table.

These seven players may not ever win a scoring title, but they're more entertaining than you may realize.

Zenon Konopka, Minnesota Wild (@zenonkonopka)The tough guy has zero goals this season, but he has one thing few players have—a bunny. Sidney Crosby may have a Hart Trophy, but Konopka has a bunny. Ben Scrivens, Los Angeles Kings (@scrivens_30)The goaltender might be best known for being part of the Jonathan Bernier trade that sent him to the Toronto Maple Leafs and Scrivens to the Kings.

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