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Web agencies need to realize that SEO now is more “marketing” than “mechanical”.Gone are the days when blackhatters can trick the search engines by implementing suspicious codes.Just like any marketing plan, going online deserves careful study in terms of resource allocation.There are certain tricks that might work well in one campaign, but will not in another.It is a crucial phase in doing optimization for your web pages.

It is simply being the middle ground for both the technical people, the marketing people, and the business owner 🙂 Here are some simple pointers you can implement once the “mechanical” part of SEO is completed: The challenge now is to draft a roadmap that will allow you to maintain and update these traffic generating, marketing initiatives.

The link builder who mechanically submits to a several hundred link directories, link farms, etc are fading in the picture.

SEO now is relevance, social media, branding, online reputation, networking, link baiting, etc.

You would have to set your metrics a little differently this time. Let them tell you about their “brand experience” , as well.

Check for number of Facebook group member for example, as a reflection of your “brand advocates”. That’s good marketing – brand building using engagement-based advertising.

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