The flip side dating

Looking at it a different way, what your partner does or doesn't do without asking him or her to tells you a lot about that person, good or bad.

For instance, if you have to say to your partner, "I have a right to know" something, consider why he or she didn't tell you already and why you had to bring it up.

I am so angry and upset and my feelings of being trapped is only causing me unnecessary stress. This is someone who is heavily medicated and I have to worry if she is going to have a good day or a bad one.

My home has been invaded by this unwanted person who is a stranger to us both. I feel his & her conversations about all this moving in should have included me.

As I've said before, personally I dislike obligations or expectations in relationships.

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As with obligations, an ideal relationship does not involve expectations that are not implied in the relationship itself; in other words, partners in an affectionate relationships can expect love and support, partners in a physical relationship can expect a certain amount of sexual activity, and so on.

She has gone thru 2 marraiges and has 2 children, one that was adopted and the other, all her rights were signed over to the husband.

She has just moved into our home yesterday and I am at a loss as to finding out what my role is, now that this person has moved in.

It is particularly dangerous when someone bases expectations for a current relationship, not on the history of that relationship, but rather on experiences from a past one.

For example, if you and your ex kissed every time you passed each other, you shouldn't automatically assume your new partner will want to do the same.

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