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In the half-light of that sad morning, I opened the calendar and realized that this crazy quilt would be a map for our lives from now on.

In the morning, we sat the girls on the sofa and told them.

To make it work, we'd have to live near each other for the next 13 years, until the youngest girl was off to college.

And yet, the reality is that when parents divorce, children are affected. For example, you may want divorce help with co-parenting or how to talk with your children about your divorce. In fact, if you are looking for divorce help related to successfully parenting after divorce, you will find that the information and resources on this site are just what you are looking for. Please sign up for our monthly newsletter, The Changing Family Times.

He remembered missing his father tremendously and didn't want that for our kids.

We talked about sharing time with them more equally—legally it's called joint physical custody, as opposed to the more common joint legal custody, where the child may live primarily with one parent, but both parents make big decisions, like which school the child goes to, together.

You probably feel run through the wringer, tapped out, depressed, worn out, discouraged and alone.

Even though you may feel like the only one going through this, you aren't alone. Going through all of the steps required to become legally divorced is kind of like forcing yourself through an emotional meat grinder. Divorce is a Legal Remedy for an Emotional Experience The divorce process is a machine that moves people along an imaginary conveyor belt and ultimately spits them out, divorce decrees in hand.

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