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Women often occupy different roles in a foreign culture.Avoid offensive assumptions and behavior by understanding the position of women in Trinidadian society: their legal rights; access to education and health care; workforce participation; and their dating, marriage, and family life.Boost your knowledge about how things work in Trinidad & Tobago to avoid insulting its people or their heritage.Both men and women can make a better impression and show respect by understanding how women are viewed in Trinidad & Tobago: whether they enjoy the same legal rights as men; how they are represented in Trinidadian politics, law, medicine, and business; if they can date or choose their own mates and professions, and what they tend to choose.Some Indo-Trinidadian and Tobagonians can trace their ancestry to the Indian indentured labourers who immigrated to Guyana, Suriname, Jamaica, St.Vincent, Grenada, Fiji, Mauritius, Africa, Malay Peninsula, or other islands in the Caribbean.

According to the most recent census (2011) conducted in Trinidad and Tobago, Hinduism is the religion followed by a plurality of Indo Trinidadians, however this plurality is not a majority.

In his book Finding a Place, author, journalist, editor, and academic Kris Rampersad challenges and rejects the notion of East Indians to describe people in Indian heritage in the Caribbean and traces their migration and adaptation from hyphenated isolation inherent in the description Indo-Trinidadian or Indo-Caribbean for the unhyphenated integration into their societies as Indo-Trinidadian and Indo-Caribbean that embraces both their ancestral and their national identities.

In Trinidad some Chinese men had sexual relations with dark-skinned Indian coolie women of Madrasee origin, siring children with them, and it was reported that "A few children are to be met with born of Madras and Creole parents and some also of Madras and Chinese parents — the Madrasee being the mother", by the missionary John Morton in 1876, Morton noted that it seemed strange since there were more Indian coolie men than Indian coolie women that Indian coolie women would marry Chinese men, but claimed it was most likely because the Chinese could provide amenities to the women since the Chinese owned shops and they were enticed by these.

Scher cites figures by Steven Vertovec, Professor of Anthropology: of 94,135 Indian immigrants to Trinidad, between 18, 50.7 percent were from the NW/United Provinces (an area, which today, is largely encompassed by Uttar Pradesh), 24.4 percent hailed from the historic region of Oudh (Awadh), 13.5 percent were from Bihar, and lesser numbers from various other states and regions of the Indian Subcontinent, such as Punjab, West Bengal, and South India primarily Madras (Chennai) (as cited in Vertovec, 1992).

Out of 134,118 indentured laborers from India, 5,000 distinguished themselves as "Madrasi" from the port of Madras and the immigrants from Calcutta as "Kalkatiyas".

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