Updating cells based selection drop down list data validation

Another method, which uses named ranges and the INDIRECT function, is explained here: Data Validation -- Create Dependent Lists.

Thx Option Explicit Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) ' Macro to update all worksheets with drop down list referenced upon ' this data source worksheet, base on ref names Dim cell As Range Dim isect As Range Dim v Old Value As Variant, v New Value As Variant Dim dv Lists(1 To 6) As String 'data validation area Dim One Validation List Name As Variant dv Lists(1) = "mylist1" dv Lists(2) = "mylist2" dv Lists(3) = "mylist3" dv Lists(4) = "mylist4" dv Lists(5) = "mylist5" dv Lists(6) = "mylist6" On Error Go To error Handler For Each One Validation List Name In dv Lists 'Set isect = Application. I have a named table on a sheet that I am using to restrict values in another table.As long as I only change things in the linked table, it all works as I expect.Hey, I'm trying to figure out how to do what the title says.Basically, I want to select a name from a list, and that should then update other cells with information like an address, a phone number, etc.On the Validation Sample sheet, drop down lists are created for the Region and Customer columns.The data entry area is also a named Excel table, and it will expand automatically, with drop down lists appearing in the new rows.In the Region/Customer table, a third column is added, with this formula, to check the sort order: =IF(A3="",0,--(A3 If the items are in order, the result in each row will be zero.If an item is out of order, the formula returns a 1, in the row above that item.I can program video games from the ground up, but Excel gives me nightmares. I think that you will find the solution explained very well here.... you have created your Data Validation List a simple Vlookup will then return the relevant data. Ak A reply is not only helpful to others, but polite to those who have provided a solution!! Html Maker Excel Genie Use Borders Upload a Sample File Visit here for some EXCELlent videos...

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