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I had called the Singtel hot line and asked to call the technical help line.First person I get is a "Chinese" trying to speak English properly.Then connect it to the pc over ethernet and run the firmware update - see Best of luck But in his opening post he says it is, and hasn't said anything about having obtained any other.When you said "a no no", did you mean the flash can't be done, or just that he would end up getting billed for not returning it?In the Windows Features list, select Telnet Client, and then click OK. (06 October 2008)I had been recently bothered by frequent DC and low then advertised speed of 10Mbps as advertised by Singnet Broad Band using the 10Mbps 3 year plan.I have downloaded the correct dynamic IP template from the Be site (Dyn.tpl), but how on earth do I actually install it on the bebox? The profile settings are stored in an .ini, but the Be templates are in a different format and apparently need to be uploaded to the router via FTP. So I have my fast new internet connection, but the wrong router!Can any of you wise folks recommend a good router which would be suitable for the C&W LLU network? The firmware installs fine ( and recognises the Speedtouch 585 v7 as an O2 box. Type: ETHo A C&W has supplied static IP, login and password. The Be / O2 box insists on the following: Static IP address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.

The Telnet is coming up as unrecognised, so i'm assuming it was taken out of Windows 7 and i'll need to find a replacement? If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Continue.Thanks Bat Boy Bat Boy I also tried the generic firmware that you provided the link to, and now i cannot login - i also have tried the usual combinations of passwords, and your "Super User" suggestion - sadly none of them working I'm not having a go at anyone, i understood what it meant when you said that the upgrade is performed "at your own risk" - just wondering if anyone has found out the username / password combination for the linked firmware??? Dave B Super User is a feature of O2-modified firmwares.It contains all the generic options for Administrator that have been removed in those firmwares.If it is a Be router then a software firmware update will be impossible, hence my "no, no" If on the other hand another branded TG585 v7 router is available, e.g. then a firmware update should be possible which was actually my initial response to Anon's post.The only problem is that for some reason the template file for '1 dynamic' is missing when I select 'setup my Thomson Gateway'.tried all the usual like admin, Administrator / Serial Number, etc. So, can't setup it up as dynamic and can't connect to upload any new templates!! but paradoxically you may need an additional unlocked TG585v7 router to do it... may be you best bet rather than mess with the Be Box. Re "the eprom chip needs to be reset by a soldering iron ...".Ig56xbp, To unlock that Be router you will possibly have to be very handy with a soldering iron and treat the whole exercise as a challenge! Usually very effective in turning it into a useless bit of junk .This means I am only presented with two options: ' Static IP' and ' Bridge Mode'.Neither are suitable for my new C&W LLU service, which is dynamic.The DC problem is more prevalent in the new operating system Ubuntu Fiesty but when I dual boot to Microsoft XP the DC happen 2 times at mid-night. I had seen people in other forums using the same Singnet Broad Band 10Mbps Unlimited getting impressive results and showing all to see.So thinking I had been ripped off for paying almost 0 for 10Mbps Ultimate line but only get maximum 6Mbps..I decided to call Singtel for assistance...

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