Updating large recordsets takes long time in ms access database who is akon dating

You could pass an entire Recordset object once it is positioned at a particular record.

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My plan is to create the recordset within an On Load Event then parse through the recordset with a Do.. Is it possible to pass just one record from the recordset to the module? Other possible solutions I've considered: Private Sub Report_Load() Dim dbs Trustee As DAO. Recordset Dim var Redeem Record As Variant Dim cur Redemption Estimate As Currency Set dbs Trustee = Current Db Set rst Inventory = dbs Trustee.

I am creating a module, Redemption Estimate, in MS Access 2016 that requires 13 parameters to be passed to it and calculates how much is owed on delinquent property taxes.

Some of the parameters can be null and will be handled appropriately within the module.

However, you should be able to resolve the #Error values with proper null handling and debugging.

Don't give up on this technique since it might prove to be the best solution.

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