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The department may charge a nominal fee for producing and mailing a hard copy physician profile. The department shall, in addition to hard copy physician profiles, provide for electronic access to and copying of physician profiles developed pursuant to this section through the system commonly known as the Internet.

The department shall update a physician's online profile within thirty days of receipt of a completed physician profile survey or any change in profile information.

We will mail you an application to renew your registration to practice approximately four months before your registration expires.

It is your responsibility to notify this office of any change of address.

The e-mail addresses may be used for department purposes only. Each physician who is self-insured for professional medical malpractice shall periodically report to the department on forms and in the time and manner required by the commissioner the information specified in paragraph (e) of subdivision one of this section, except that the physician shall report the dollar amount (to the extent of the physician's information and belief) for each judgment, award and settlement and not a level of significance or context. Each physician shall periodically report to the department on forms and in the time and manner required by the commissioner any other information as is required by the department for the development of profiles under this section which is not otherwise reasonably obtainable.

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In the manner and time required by the commissioner, a licensee shall be provided the opportunity to correct factual inaccuracies that appear in the profile.

You can do this online following the steps below or by answering "no" to question 1 on your paper renewal registration form, signing and returning the form with no fee.

If you do not inform us of such a decision, you are subject to the customary registration fee for your profession.

However, should you have technical problems, please email [email protected] call 518-474-3817 Ext. If you answered "No" to any of the questions, you must request a paper renewal application. Be sure to include your profession and license number. If you are completing the registration application online: Your New York State license is good for life, however, you MUST register with us periodically if you wish to practice your profession in New York State.

Upon licensure, you received a registration certificate valid for a period of three years (two years for physicians).

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