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To renew online, you will need the PIN included in the registration renewal notice sent to you.

If you cannot find your PIN, you can retrieve it here.

The department may charge a nominal fee for producing and mailing a hard copy physician profile. The department shall, in addition to hard copy physician profiles, provide for electronic access to and copying of physician profiles developed pursuant to this section through the system commonly known as the Internet.

The department shall update a physician's online profile within thirty days of receipt of a completed physician profile survey or any change in profile information.

The physician shall be permitted to file a concise statement concerning information contained in the profile, which shall be disseminated therewith. A physician may elect to have his or her profile omit certain information provided pursuant to paragraphs (l), (m), (n) and (q) of subdivision one of this section.

In collecting information for such profiles and disseminating the same, the department shall inform physicians that they may choose not to provide such information required pursuant to paragraphs (l), (m), (n) and (q) of subdivision one of this section. The department shall establish a toll-free telephone number through which it shall answer inquiries about and accept orders for hard copy physician profiles established pursuant to this section and accept consumer complaints about suspected professional misconduct.

The department shall collect the following information and create individual profiles on licensees subject to the authority of the office of professional medical conduct, in a format that shall be available for dissemination to the public: (d) a statement of any loss or involuntary restriction of hospital privileges or a failure to renew professional privileges at hospitals within the last ten years, for reasons related to the quality of patient care delivered or to be delivered by the physician where procedural due process has been afforded, exhausted, or waived, or the resignation from or removal of medical staff membership or restriction of privileges at a hospital taken in lieu of a pending disciplinary case related to the quality of patient care delivered or to be delivered by the physician (notwithstanding (e) (i) a statement indicating the number of medical malpractice court judgments and arbitration awards within the most recent ten years in which a payment is awarded to a complaining party (notwithstanding (B) if the commissioner determines any such settlement could be relevant to patient decisionmaking concerning health care quality.

Except for optional information provided, physicians shall notify the department of any change in the profile information within thirty days of such change. The department shall provide each licensee with a copy of his or her profile prior to dissemination to the public.

In the manner and time required by the commissioner, a licensee shall be provided the opportunity to correct factual inaccuracies that appear in the profile.

Introduction | How to Renew Online | How to Request Inactive Status Online | Address and Name Changes | Questions & Answers Regarding Online Registration Renewal | Questions & Answers Regarding Photo IDs Welcome to the Office of the Professions' Online Registration Renewal service.

Complete information is available below for those who are unfamiliar with the process.

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