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(3) Not otherwise entitled to AFRM, entitled to the 'M" device: AFRM worn with 'M" centered on the ribbon bar and suspension ribbon. Commanding officers determine eligibility from service records, affidavits or upon completion of eligibility requirements at the current command, and make appropriate service record entries for enlisted personnel and issue letters of eligibility for officers. (c) The air space above and adjacent to the area in which operations are being conducted. The following operations have been designated as qualifying: (1) Bosnia 01 Jul 92 to TBD Total land area and airspace of the former Republic of Yugoslavia and total land area and airspace of the country of Italy, including Sicily. To merit this award, the acts or services must be performed in a manner significantly above that normally expected, and sufficient to distinguish the individual above those performing similar acts or services. Authority to award the DMSM is hereby delegated to the following: The DA&M for Service members assigned to the OSD; the Do D Field Activities; the joint Do D activities that report directly to an OSD Principal Staff Assistant or for which the Secretary of a Military Department has been designated as an "Executive Agent"; the multilateral and bilateral organizations; and the other offices in the Executive Branch, the Executive Agencies and Departments, or the independent establishments and Government corporations.

(4) Entitled to "MN device and AFRM: "M" device is centered and appropriate hourglass is to wearer's right on the ribbon bar and suspension ribbon. Questions regarding eligibility shall be addressed via the chain of command to CNO (DNS-35) or CMC (MMMA) , as appropriate. (3) Direct support is defined as services being supplied to participating forces in the AOE by ground units, ships, and aircraft, provided it involves actually entering the designated AOE. (2) For operations in which personnel of only one Military Service participate, the AFSM shall be awarded only if there is no other suitable award available to that Service. ( 2) DENY FLIGHT 12 Apr 93 to 02 Dec 95 (3) PROVIDE PROMISE 02 Jun 92 to 15 Feb 96 (4 ) SHARP GUARD 15 Jun 93 to 20 Sep 96 ( 5 ) JOINT ENDEAVOR 20 Nov 95 to 19 Dec 96 (6) PROVIDE COMFORT 01 Dec 95 to 31 Dec 96 ( 7 ) JOINT GUARD 20 Dec 96 to 20 Jun 98 (8) UPHOLD DEMOCRACY (Haiti) 01 Apr 95 to 31 Jan 00 (Total land area and airspace defined by the following coordinates: 16-30~/71-40W; 18-00N/ 71-45W; along the Haitian-Dominican Republic border to 20N/71-44W; 21~/71~; 21-5~/73W; 21-25N/74~; 20N/74W; 19-45N/75W; 19~/76~; 16-30N/76~ to 16-30N/71-40W.) ( 9 ) JOINT FORGE 21 Jun 98 to TBD Service members may be awarded the Armed Forces Expeditionary ~edal (AFEM) or AFSM, but not both. The award may be authorized as follows: (a) Heroic Achievement or Service. (See "United States Government Manual 1987/88," (reference (l)).) The Director, Joint Staff for Service members assigned to the Joint Staff and those Agencies and activities reporting directly to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that are not delegated approval authority for that decoration.

The ribbon is authorized upon award of the "M" device, despite having served less than 10 years. Appropriate Wear of the Ribbon (1) Only one AFRM is authorized for wear. (2) Area of eligibility (AOE) is defined as follows: (a) The foreign territory on which troops have actually landed or are present and specifically deployed for the operation. Eligibility Requirements (1) Awarded to individuals who, while serving in any capacity with the Armed Forces of the United States, distinguish themselves, on or after 7 December 1941, by heroic or meritorious achievement or service, not involving participation in aerial flight, under the following circumstances: (a) While engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States; (b) While engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force; or (c) While serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party. Persian Gulf (a) COMNAVSPECWAR Task Unit Tango: 22 Sep 87. The DMSM is specifically intended to recognize exceptionally meritorious service performance and to honor an individual's accomplishments over a sustained period.

(2) Not entitled to 'M" device, entitled to AFRM: AFRM with appropriate bronze/silver/gold hourglass centered on the ribbon bar and suspension ribbon. (b) Adjacent water areas in which ships are operating, patrolling, or providing direct support of the operation. military operations that qualify for the AFSM subsequent to 1 June 1992. (2) The Bronze Star Medal may only be awarded to members of the Armed Forces who are in receipt of Imminent Danger Pay at the time of the actions or service for which they are being recognized. The DMSM shall be awarded in the name of the Secretary of Defense.

Strike/Flight awards may only be approved within the parameters (area, dates, etc.) established by SECNAV; delegated authority of this award is specific in nature and always in writing. Those sorties that deliver ordnance against the enemy, insert or extract assault personnel, or engage in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations that encounter enemy opposition. Those sorties that deliver ordnance against the &terny, insert or extract assault personnel, or engage in SAR operations that encounter no enemy opposition. Those missions which may include reconnaissance, combat air patrol, electronic countermeasures (ECM) support, psychological warfare, patrol operations in support of coastal surveillance, etc., which do not necessarily involve delivery of ordnance against the enemy, inserting or extracting assault personnel, or engaging in SAR operations. Members of rear echelons, transients, observers and personnel assigned for short periods of TAD and training duty are normally not eligible for the award; however, consideration will be given in those instances where the cognizant commander certifies a particular and significant contribution by an individual. The area bounded by the following coordinates: 37N, 11E to 37N, 21E to 34N, 25E to 23N, 25E to 23N, 11E to 37N, 11E. Panama (Operation JUST CAUSE): 20 Dec 89 to 31 Jan 90. However, an individual who serves a single tour that spanned the transition date of 1 Dec 95 may not earn both awards. (c) While serving as judge of a court of record of the United States, or of any state, territory, possession, or the District of Columbia.

However, direct combat support missions that encounter enemy opposition equivalent to that encountered by a strike, should be considered as a strike sortie. Coast Guard Service members for military service on the high seas while regularly attached to any vessel or aircraft squadron in the Atlantic, Pacific, or Asiatic Fleets, to include vessels operating directly under the Chief of Naval Operations. Such certification should be submitted to CNO/CMC, via the fleet commander who exercised operational control in the area involved. Appendix A to this chapter contains the operations designated by JCS as qualifying for the AFEM . Ships and units present in an area solely for training purposes, or transiting the area are not eligible for the award. However, this does not preclude AFEM eligibility for subsequent on-going operations if the associated campaign medal has been terminated. The total land area of Panama, including internal waters, territorial seas, and airspace thereover. Haiti (Operation UPHOLD DEMOCRACY): 16 Sep 94 to 31 Mar 95. Operations in direct support of the United Nations a. Water area from 3s to 9s between 9E and the mainland of Africa. Somalia (Operations RESTORE HOPE and UNITED SHIELD): 5 Dec 92 to 31 Mar 95. In this case, the individual may elect the AFEM or the SWASM, but may not earn both awards for a single tour. below regarding the transition from Operation SOUTHERN WATCH to IRAQI FREEDOM. Operation JOINT GUARD (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, and the airspace above the Adriatic Sea north of 40 degrees north latitude): 20 Dec 96 to 20 Jun 98. Operation JOINT FORGE (Bosnia-Herzegovina) : 21 Jun 98 to TBD. Personnel who deployed in support of Operation SOUTHERN WATCH and subsequently transitioned into IRAQI FREEDOM on or after 19 March 2003 must elect to receive either the AFEM, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal (GWOTEM), or the Iraq Campaign Medal (ICM). (4) Service in the Retired Reserve (with or without pay) or on the Inactive Status List shall not count toward eligibility.

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Promulgated by War Department Bulletin 17 and Navy Department General Orders No. A bronze numeral indicating the number of the award shall be included after the initial award. (b) The AFSM is a theater award, authorized for presentation to all participants who meet eligibility requirements established for a designated operation. TURNER (CG 20) 19 to 24 Feb 91 USS VALLEY FORGE (CG 50) 16 to 28 Feb 91 USS LEADER (MSO 490) 23 Mar 91 13. Recommendations should be submitted to arrive at the Joint Staff no later than 90 days before the desired presentation date.CNO (DNS-35) will post a list of qualified units on the Navy Awards Website. Bronze Arabic numerals (5/16 inch) are worn to denote the total number of Strike/Flight awards. (g) Personnel are entitled to the award if they were attached to or served onboard a ship or unit for at least one day during the period(s) for which that ship or unit is listed as eligible. Water areas from a point on the east coast of Vietnam at the border of Vietnam with China southeastward to 21N, 108-15E; thence southward to 18N, 108-15E; thence southeastward to 17-30N, 111E; thence southward to 11N, 111E; thence southwestward to 7N, 105E; thence westward to 7N, 103E; thence northward to 9-30N, 103E; thence northeastward to 10-15N, 104-273; thence northward to a point on the west coast of Vietnam at the border of Vietnam with Cambodia. Service members who earned the Southwest Asia Service Medal (SWASM) and then became eligible for the AFEM in a subsequent tour are eligible for both medals. (3) Any period during which Reserve service is interrupted by one or more of the following will be excluded in computing qualification time, but will not be considered as a break in the period of 12 years: (a) During tenure in office as any state official chosen by the voters of the entire state, territory, or possession.Future command input will be via command direct entry into the CESMEL (Campaign, Expeditionary, and Service Medal Eligibility List) section of NDAWS. Marine Corps unit commanders are not required to submit lists of participating units. Numerals are positioned to the wearer's left on the ribbon bar and suspension ribbon. This includes personnel attached to a squadron or unit embarked in a ship during the period(s) for which that ship is listed as eligible. The area includes the island nation of Grenada, including Grenada, Carriacou, Green, Hog, Calivigny, other outlying islands and the territorial seas of Grenada; waters adjacent to Grenada in which Atlantic Fleet ships operated in direct support of operations in Grenada; the airspace above Grenada and the adjacent sea areas where the operations were conducted; and the Grantley Adams International Airport, Barbados. Libya (Operation ELDORADO CANYON): 12 to 17 Apr 86. In addition, the land area of Thailand is included. For example, an individual who earned the SWASM in 1991 and subsequently returned to the area after 1 Dec 95 may earn both awards. (b) During tenure in office as a member of the legislative body of the United States or of any state, territory, or possession.Multiple periods of service during a specific contingency/operation shall count as only one 'M" device qualifying period (no additional numerals). (c) For operations in which all deployed participants are awarded the HSM, and for which the period of immediate relief coincides with the duration of significant deployed operations, award of the AFSM is not authorized. SAG BRAVO COMDESRON NINE STAFF embarked on (DD 976) USS MERRILL (DD 976) HSL-35 DET 1 USS LYNDE MCCORMICK (DDG 8) USS TRENTON (LPD 14) CONTINGENCY MAGTF 2-88 HSL 44, DET 5 SAG CHARLIE USS WAINWRIGHT (CG 28) USS BAGLEY (FF 1069) HSL-35, DET 7 USS SIMPSON (FFG 56) HSL-42, DET 10 COMMANDER, NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE TASK GROUP MIDDLE EAST FORCE SEAL TEAM TWO, THIRD PLATOON SAG DELTA COMDESRON TWENTY-TWO USS JACK WILLIAMS (FFG 24) HSL-32, DET 2 USS JOSEPH STRAUSS (DDG 16) USS O'BRIEN (DD 975) HSL-33, DET 2 CC, SPEC BOAT UNIT TWELVE SEAL TEAM 5, PLATOON C (d) USS ELMER MONTGOMERY (FF 1082) and USS VINCENNES (CG 49) : 3 Jul 88. All other recommendations for award of the DDSM shall be submitted to the Chief, Military Personnel Division, Personnel and Security Directorate, Washington Headquarters Services (WHS), for boarding and processing. 12019 The DMSM shall only be awarded to members of the Armed Forces of the United States who, after November 3, 1977, distinguished themselves by noncombat meritorious achievement or service.In addition, only one I'M" device shall be earned for each mobilization (set of orders) even if more than one operation is supported. (d) The AFSM may be awarded for humanitarian operations for which some (or all) participants are awarded the HSM, when the operation continued beyond the period of immediate relief. Definitions (1) Significant activity is defined as a United States military operation considered to be of such a high degree of scope, impact, and international significance as to warrant the permanent commemoration and recognition afforded by award of a campaign or service medal. (e) Persian Gulf MCM Operations: Specific units during the periods 19 Nov 87 to 1 Apr 88; 14 to 20 Apr 88; 20 to 23 Apr 88; and 2 Aug 90 to 10 Sep 91. Operation JUST CAUSE (Panama) : 20 Dec 89 to 31 Jan 90. Recommendations should be submitted to the WHS no later than 90 days before the desired presentation date. Only under the most unusual circumstances will the DMSM be awarded as an impact award for outstanding TDY achievement.2 Award of an Individual Air Medal, or other personal decoration for a particular sortie, does not preclude that sortie from counting toward eligibility for a Strike/Flight award of the Air Medal. Army were required to have had served for a period of at least 12 months. Members of the Naval service may elect one expeditionary medal for the following operations: Lebanon 25 Aug 82 Libya 20 Jan 86 to 27 Jun 96 Persian Gulf 24 Jul 87 to 01Aug 90 Panama 20 Dec 89 to 31 Jan 90 c. The JCS shall designate operations that qualify for the AFEM. Service stars are authorized for participation in each subsequent operation. Upon completion of the third 10-year period, a gold hourglass shall be awarded. Non- deployed or remotely located support units and individuals are not eligible for the AFSM. Under no circumstances may the awarding authority be delegated.3 Officers of the rank of captain/colonel or above shall not beeligible for the award of the Air Medal on a Strike/Flight basis, unless the sorties involved were actually required in the performance of their regular duties. Navy Service members to indicate participation in certain engagements with the enemy. Marine Corps Service members who served on active duty at any time between September 8, 1939 and December 7, 1941. Recipients of the American Defense Service Medal, depending on the circumstances, were authorized to wear certain devices with the award. Recommendations for military operations to be designated shall be submitted through joint channels to the JCS. Participation in two or more engagements within the same operation does - not entitle the individual to wear a service star on the AFEM. Upon completion of the fourth 10- year period, a gold hourglass followed by a bronze shall be awarded. (b) The member volunteered and served on active duty in support of the designated operations. military operation deemed to be significant activity, and encounter no foreign armed opposition or imminent threat of hostile action. campaign or service medal is appropriate, such as: (a) Peacekeeping operations. Such performance may be recognized by appropriate unit and/or individual decorations. Operation ASSURED RESPONSE (Monrovia, Liberia) : 7 to 18 Apr 96. The DDSM shall be placed in precedence after the MOH and the Distinguished Service Crosses of the Armed Forces, but before the Distinguished Service Medals of the Armed Forces.Each day that one or more sorties are flown, into, out of, within, or over the AOE shall count as one day toward the 30 or 60-day requirement. The miniature bronze Fleet Marine Force Combat Operation emblem may be authorized for qualified Navy personnel who have engaged in actual combat; (2) Marine Corps Personnel. Awarded to individuals who, while serving in any capacity with the Armed Forces of the United States, distinguish themselves by heroic or meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight, under flight orders. Not more than one disk shall be worn on the ribbon bar. Armed Forces who, after 1 July 1958: (a) Participate as members of U. (c) Serve for the full period when an operation is less than 30 days. The total land area of El Salvador, as approved by Section 525 of the FY96 Defense Appropriations Act. Marine Security Guard personnel or other personnel serving in Lebanon may be awarded medal for the entire period. Operation ERNEST WILL (Persian Gulf): 24 Jul 87 to 1 Aug 90. Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy, Hungary, and the waters of the Adriatic Sea north of 60 degrees north latitude): 20 Nov 95 to 16 Dec 96. Operations SOUTHERN WATCH - 1 Dec 95 to 18 Mar 03; MARITIME INTERCEPT - 1 Dec 95 to 18 Mar 03; VIGILANT SENTINEL - 1 Dec 95 to 15 Feb 97; DESERT THUNDER - 11 Nov to 22 Dec 98; DESERT FOX - 16 to 22 Dec 98; DESERT SPRING - 31 Dec 98 to 18 Mar 03; and NORTHERN WATCH - 1 Jan 97 to 18 Mar 03 (Persian Gulf/Iraq).Unit commanders are authorized to issue the ACM to personnel assigned to their command who meet the eligibility criteria. Gold Arabic numerals (5/16 inch) are worn to denote total number of Individual awards of the Air Medal. Coast Guard Service members for military service on shore at bases and naval stations outside the United States, including military service in Alaska and Hawaii. Possession of a service clasp is denoted by wearing of a bronze star on the service ribbon of the American Defense Service Medal. Authorized by the Secretary of the Navy, June 3, 198 Awarded to U. Navy and Marine Corps officers and enlisted personnel or civilian citizens, national or resident aliens of the United States, who participate in operations in support of the Arctic Warfare Program. (d) Engage in actual combat or duty equally as hazardous as combat duty, during an operation against armed opposition, regardless of time in the area. Thailand: 29 Mar to 15 Aug 73 (only those in direct support of Cambodia operations). Only one AFEM may be earned for participation in one or all of these operations.Recommendations involving officers in this category, regardless of the current extent of delegated awarding authority, shall be forwarded via the chain of command to SECNAV for approval. Boundaries of the American Theater are as follows: Eastern Boundary. ARMED FORCES EXPEDITIONARY MEDAL ELIGIBILITY PERIODS The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) have designated the following operations as eligible for award of the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (AFEM) 1. (2) Executive Order 13013 authorizes the 'M" device for the AFRM for participation in designated contingency operations. (formerly §672(A), 673, 673(B), 3500, and 8500) or Chapter 15 of Title 10 U. Designated operations include : DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM (Persian Gulf War) RESTORE HOPE (Somalia) UPHOLD DEMOCRACY (Haiti ) JOINT ENDEAVOR (Bosnia and surrounding areas) DESERT FOX (Iraq) JOINT FORGE (Bosnia and surrounding areas) JOINT GUARD (Bosnia and surrounding areas) ALLIED FORCE (Kosovo) NOBLE EAGLE (U. Homeland Defense) ENDURING FREEDOM (Afghanistan) IRAQI FREEDOM (Iraq) (c) Active Guard and Reserve members who receive orders changing their current duty status (legal authority under which they perform duty) or their duty location or assignment to support a designated contingency operation are eligible for the award of the "M" device. Personnel must be members of a unit participating in the operation for the delineated time period, within the designated area of eligibility (AOE), or meet one or more of the following criteria: (1) Be engaged in direct support for 30 consecutive days in the AOE (or for the full period when an operation is of less than 30 days1 duration) or for 60 non-consecutive days, provided such support involves entering the AOE. (2) Because the AFSM may be awarded for a prolonged humanitarian operation, distinction between the AFSM and Humanitarian Service Medal (HSM) must be maintained. All recommendations for award of the DDSM to members of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, or the Unified Combatant Command Headquarters or activities reporting to or through the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, shall be processed through the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, for recommendation.Following are the geographic areas and time periods during which personnel may have been eligible to earn Strike/Flight awards of the Air Medal: Vietnam 4 Jul 65 - 28 Mar 73 Grenada 23 Oct - 2 Nov 83 Lebanon 1 Oct 83 - 31 Oct 84 Libya Mar - Apr 86 Operation PRAYING MANTIS 18 - 19 Apr 88 Panama 20 Dec 89 - 31 Jan 90 Operation DESERT STORM 17 Jan- 28 Feb 91 Operation SOUTHERN WATCH Aug 92 - 18 Mar 03 Operation DENY FLIGHT 1 Jul 92 - 20 Dec 95 Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR 15 Dec 95 - 16 Dec 96 Kosovo 24 Mar 99 - TBD Operation ENDURING FREEDOM 11 Sep 01 - TBD Operation IRAQI FREEDOM 19 Mar 03 - TBD Authorized by Executive Order 9265, as amended (reference (gggg)). From the North Pole, south along the 75th meridian west longitude to the 77th parallel north latitude, thence southeast through the Davis Strait to the intersection of the 40th parallel north latitude and the 35th meridian west longitude, thence south along the meridian to the 10th parallel north latitude, thence southeast to the intersection of the equator and the 20th meridian west longitude, thence south along the 20th meridian west longitude to the South Pole. From the North Pole, south along the 141st meridian west longitude to the east boundary of Alaska, thence south and southeast along the Alaska boundary to the Pacific Ocean, thence south along the 130th meridian to its intersection with the 30th parallel north latitude, thence southeast to the intersection of the equator and the 100th meridian west longitude, thence south to the South Pole. Members must have been mobilized (as a unit or individual) and performed active duty on or after 1 August 1990 as follows: (a) The member was called to active service under §12301(A), 12302, 12304, 12406 of Title 10 U. All components of the Navy Reserve (i.e., Full Time Support (FTS), Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW), One-Year Recall (OYR), and Canvasser Recruiter (CANREC)) are eligible for the 'Mu device, provided all other eligibility requirements are met. (2) Participate as a regularly assigned crewmember of an aircraft flying into, out of, within, or over the area of eligibility in support of the operation. Qualifying Operations (1) The Armed Forces Service Medal (AFSM) may be authorized for significant U. (a) The HSM is an individual award, presented to individuals who are physically present at the site of immediate relief and who directly contribute to and influence the humanitarian action. (a) The Secretary of the Navy approved the CAR as an exception to policy for the following ships that operated north of 28.30west of 49.303 from 17 Jan 91 to 28 Feb 91: USS ADROIT (MSO 509) USS BEAUFORT (ATS 2) USS CARON (DD 970) USS DURHAM (LKA 114) USS FORD (FFG 54) USS PAUL F. These recommendations shall not be boarded at the Joint Staff level.

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