Updating replicated data in distributed database liquid dating

For example, in a banking system, an account can be associated the site in which the account has been opened.

Similarly, in an airline-reservation system, a flight can be associated with the site at which the flight originates. SC (Computer Science), MCSE, MCDBA, CCNA, CCNP, A , SCJP certifications.

Also, in a failure scenario, a failover of replicas is hidden as much as possible.

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Load balancing differs from task replication, since it distributes a load of different (not the same) computations across machines, and allows a single computation to be dropped in case of failure.

In a distributed database, there are a number of databases that may be geographically distributed all over the world.

A distributed DBMS manages the distributed database in a manner so that it appears as one single database to users.

Replication in space or in time is often linked to scheduling algorithms The access to a replicated entity is typically uniform with access to a single, non-replicated entity.

The replication itself should be transparent to an external user.

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