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Use TOC styles if you need to create different tables of contents in your document or book.

For example, you can use one TOC style for a list of contents and another for a list of advertisers, illustrations, or photo credits. Creating TOC styles are also useful if you want to use the same TOC formatting in another document.

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TOC-prefixed paragraph styles (for example “TOC title”) are used to format the table of contents entries themselves.You can then select this style in the Style pop‑up list to the right of Page Number.(See Add paragraph and character styles.)If you want the page numbers of the TOC to include prefixes, or to use a different numbering convention, see Define section numbering.A table of contents (TOC) can list the contents of a book, magazine, or other publication; display a list of illustrations, advertisers, or photo credits; or include other information to help readers find information in a document or book file.One document may contain multiple tables of contents—for example, a list of chapters and a list of illustrations.Second, specify which styles are used in the TOC and how the TOC is formatted. Table of contents entries can be automatically added to the Bookmarks panel for use in documents exported as Adobe PDF.Before you generate a table of contents, decide which paragraphs should be included (such as chapter titles and section headings), and then define paragraph styles for each.This is useful when creating a list of advertisers or illustrations that may not appear as visible text in the document itself.Deselect this option when you’ve used layers to store various versions or translations of the same text.Each table of contents is a separate story consisting of a heading and a list of entries sorted either by page number or alphabetically.Entries, including page numbers, are pulled directly from content in your document and can be updated at any time—even across multiple documents in a book file.

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