Updating the firmware on a creative mp3 player

message is coming Please Please Please Help Me my Mail ID is " [email protected]" i have a mp5 but i cant use it anamore bec. SINCE THAT DAY I AM UNABLE TO CONNECT IT AGAIN TO MY PC. AT THAT TIME I WAS NOT AWARE THAT WHILE UPDATING FIRMWARE PLAYER SHOULD NOT DISCONNECT.I HAVE SEARCH A LOT AND SOMEONE SAID TO SHORT CIRCUIT SOME PIN OF FLASH AND CONNECT IT AGAIN IT WILL BE DETECTED .4- finally you get the FRM PRO program working, and now i 'm waiting for results. xhm 7678f what is the exact FRM PRO that i can use to re program my mp5 pllllllllllssssssssssssss help me? when i click on isp button then all process successful but last process says image file file not supported. Hola que tal mi pregunta es sobre un mp5 creo que es por que contiene camara con marca AIO NEW AUDIO SEGÚN LEÍ EL CHIP ES TOASHIBA 006739 9921KBK pero no consigo nada de nada ni el firmware si me pueden dar una mano se agradece mi correo es desde ya gracias My computer does not recognize my ipod device. Please let me know what will work on the Chinese copy of the ipod touch. After an unexpected self-restart,it become a silent device. Features are just standard MP3 with Image file of photo. who details which i have found on opening it are as follow: model: jxd 656 cam id : QR768B 20058 LCD ID: NT4SHY3624A 081109 SUNPLUS 3052A-HL171 0834 M187W27 FLASH: HYNIX KOR HY27UT088G2A TPCB 840A ELPDA SINGAPORE D4512816305 A75-9JF 0749XE02T BOARD ID: JXD206DD1 0813 I HAVE UPDATED MY FIRMWARE MANY TIMES BY CONNECTING WITH THE PC. ONE DAY WHEN I WAS UPDATING THE FIRMWARE BY PRESSING TE KEY COMBINATION IT WAS DETECTED BY MY PC.

and eror code 39-40 isp path error and what i do next? Or How I Connect Ipod In The Computer (A OK Buttun ) I Can Use These Buttun But No respons So Plz Help Me.......................? Here's the wierd thing, and I've owned several of these things: usually the problem is the device not interfacing with your computer, that IS NOT the problem.My Yahoo Id [email protected] always exercise a cautious method of repairing mp4/mp5 sunplus but this time I am gald that someboby post a method of formatting the firmware,i'm so glad that if you won't mind,please send me a copy of the utilities which I can use of, yourstrully, Rey frm. my device just show the logo ( it usualy shown when the player booting up ), my device is steel shown that, can't go to main menu. You can plug it in, go to DISK G (the drive I assigned it) and all the files ARE THERE!!!!my player is 280_v13 090818 integrated is samsung 004 k9gag08uom in frm i receive: --------------------- Dev Detect End -------------------- 1 devices Detected ! Be sure to back up all of your data as well as media files before formatting your player or updating its firmware.-i have this type of PMP with this Id; PL24-3052-tjlt8-v1.2 -i found the firmware on inder 4share link. i hav a mp4 player and chips are ak1025 and hy27ht088g2a. Pouvez-vous me dire la conduite à tenir pour le débloquer avec un grand merci d'avance. dears hardwarks member i have mp5 spmp 3052b the device still (light your life) i have the device firwer or flasing fils but when i plug in data cable do the flash device on or still same not connet my system plz tell me how i can connet or what make some specail cable for it plz tell me coneting mathod i m wating thnks alote hi friends tell me from where i can download the Image A and B because i am not able to get A image or B image from the player. I know that when you plug something into a usb port, there should be a file that you can pull up with player info and what-not, and the player wont even turn on. Anyone out there know where to download games for this china made Sony PSP???-i downloaded it, but i nevre found any driver for the 2 cams. what is the exactly FRM PRO that i can use my pmp is Xhm 7678f? I accidentally default setting and all games deleted....thank u very much! hello man i have a china mp4 player but he show a blue window with loding i download your flash player but i don;t know how to use it please brother please and plz you make avideo of who to repair your mp4 player and attach on mp4 flashing player on your site plz brother help me i m very poor person please Guys this is the time to I need your help... Thanks HELLO DEAR, I'M WORKING IN ALL KIND OF CHINESE MP3, MP4 SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE PLEASE SEND ME YOUR PLAYER FULL DETAILS LIKE THIS CHIP-BOARD ID-LCD ID-CAMERA ID ADD ME IN YAHOO MESSANGER [email protected]'ll be glad if I can help you ;) Hi I have the same problem. Please reply Me at [email protected] You are my last hope!!!!! please someone email me for the answer at [email protected] and more power.. signup and go to mp4 forum do the same are many other sites, I found these sites great for mp4 repairing and I am doing the repair in my city.And I was wondering if you got any response to your question. will not work and my system is telling me the error message (does not recognize device. how to modify the brightness and gamma of the camera of the sunplus spmp 3052a hl1s1? ^^ HELP me PLEASE I just got a pmp mp4 diditrl player the instruction are useless does not give any info on how to put music or movies on it. If want any help, contact me [email protected], post your results and links in this forum to help others Hey everybody ! Also my player froses sometime on welcome or in the middle of playing some "strange" video.The recovery mode (rescue mode) procedures apply to hard drive based players (except ZEN Neeon) only.There is not a recovery mode for the ZEN Neeon, ZEN Neeon 2, or flash based players such as ZEN Nano Plus, ZEN Nano, and Mu Vo players (with the exception of the Mu Vo V100).

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