Updating your technology know

Growing up in the countryside and being involved in country pursuits led me naturally to into a career involving rural assets.

Pam: How do you think your career will be different from mine?

Louisa: What did you think when I chose to follow you into the profession albeit in a different area?

Pam: I was highly relieved you chose a career I could understand and relate to.

I hope that I will be as involved with the firm I work for with the ultimate aim of climbing up the ladder to lead from the top.

I think it's very important that whatever you are doing you make a positive impact and set personal goals.

Louisa: What has been the most interesting project you've been involved with?

Pam: Today, there are far more women in the profession.

That's why so many children of surveyors follow their parents.

This educational issue needs to be resolved if we are to ensure there is a new generation of young people coming into the profession.

Each project brings a new team of consultants so I couldn't pick a favourite.

The biggest fee was from office building Skypark in Glasgow and it took the longest (six years).

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