Validating leadership competencies

I probably shouldn't post this in case members of my company read it, but what the hell?Can someone point me to some actually understandable training material concerning Epicor 9?Users may need to modify an out of the box report for one of their many business needs.Here, the Datix Epicor consulting experts show you…I've had the Epicor provided training for BPMs, BAQs, DMT, Service Connect et al, far too compressed training IMHO (or maybe I'm just getting too old & too slow).I have the Epicor provided PDFs & manuals covering the same topics (these are badly written, examples don't refer to the same elements in the program as the exercise you're supposed to be following).It looks at all demand for materials, whether for production jobs, or distribution and On August 17, 2016, Posted by , In ,,, By ,,,, , With Reasons to Upgrade to Epicor 10: Engineering In part one of our newest series of posts centered around the many reasons businesses should consider an upgrade to Epicor, we covered the application’s agility and ease of use when it comes to production manufacturing. On June 15, 2016, Posted by , In ,,,,,,,, By ,,,,,,,, , With Why You Need Salesforce and Epicor Integration Salesforce and Epicor are two of the most talked about giants in their respective software corners, providing CRM and ERP solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries.As certified partners of both vendors, we have extensive experience with each system and often… On October 9, 2015, Posted by , In ,,,,, By ,,,,,,, , With Why Epicor 10 Cloud ERP Could Be What Your Business Needs As more and more of the technology and software industry have been turning to the cloud, the world of Enterprise Resource Planning has been slower to catch up.

Even if you have seen a live demonstration, you can’t always recall all of it, and this gives you the opportunity to review.The Epicor 10 Demonstration and training site went live with over 15 videos and we are expecting to continue increasing the content on a weekly basis.You have the opportunity to rank and comment on videos so if you think of an area we have not covered, we’d be happy for your feedback and will take it into account as we create more content.At this point, you are faced with a crucial decision: do you upgrade or re-implement? This was slowing down the accounts payable manager tremendously.We created a Quick Search, Filter and screen customization in Epicor.Anywhere you have a browser, you can view these videos including many mobile platforms such as Android.All the Epicor 10 videos were recorded with high resolution captures and high quality audio feeds.There is no cost and all of your information will be kept confidential and will not be sold to any third party.Epicor 10, whether you are in New Jersey, Texas, or wherever, you can view at anytime from any place.I'm new to this system and frankly it seems like a bunch of badly designed components strung together using sticky-tape & cobwebs!But, worse than that, the training material is terrible.

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