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X house o bots BRIAN is a computer program that thinks it is an 18 year old college student.It was written as an entry in the 1998 Loebner Competition, where it won third place out of six entries.Just ask Alex ALEX is an AI-based "bot" programmed to help you locate basic legal information online. CARA (Conversation Analysis Research Avatar) is a Shockwave-based chat bot with speech and graphic capabilities. Cybelle has been programmed to be "an expert on the world of agents.But be warned - she's very experimental, and she sometimes has a bit of an attitude! Thanks to her training and her journeys on the Net, she is gradually developing her own character, and seems to be someone who is very curious, who already has her own sense of humor." Daisy What separates Daisy from Billy (and most other chatbots) is that Daisy has no pre-programmed (or hard coded) language of any kind.Our intermediary server handles all encryption and communication with the Telegram API for you. Once you've created a bot and received your authorization token, head down to the Bot API manual to see what you can teach your bot to do.You communicate with this server via a simple HTTPS-interface that offers a simplified version of the Telegram API. Users can interact with your bot via inline queries straight from the text input field in any chat.Tapping this button opens a special payment interface right in the Telegram app.The user enters the necessary info, choose one of their saved cards or enter a new one (Telegram also supports Apple Pay and Android Pay) — and pay for your product.

Or would you like to have a conversation with a non human Try one of these chatbots: Yeti The Abominable Snowman The no frills chat machine. " ELIZA - a friend you could never have before Or go to Dr.

You can use bots to accept payments from Telegram users around the world.

From the users' perspective the system is completely seamless.

The competition was held in Australia, so pretend you are in Sydney!

(Also pretend you don't know Brain's name, or anything about him except that he's in Sidney).

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