Waiting dating marriage christian

The Bible instructs us to pursue godliness ourselves and to value what God values.

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I've seen many, many relationships and marriages crop up just from people serving together in the church.

I believe men should generally be the pursuers/initiators/leaders in dating relationships and in the pursuit of marriage.

The end goal of a dating relationship should be to evaluate whether marriage to that particular person is the right thing, and the Bible clearly calls men to be leaders within marriage (Ephesians -27), so why not begin the whole exercise growing into the role God has called us to as husbands?

That's not to say that physical attraction, "chemistry" and common interests play no role in choosing a potential spouse — of course they do.

But too often in our sexualized, romance-driven, self-focused society, those things play too large a role, often determining whether someone is pursued at all or the relationship moves forward to marriage.

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