Was jason dating molly

I enlisted the help of my dear friend — and without a doubt the most talented person I know — Jenny Keller of Jenny

Jenny is so creative and she doesn’t miss a single detail — this party was no exception!

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People really do mean it when they say, “Enjoy it because they grow up so quickly.” It feels like just yesterday she was learning how to smile and crawl.They also received a pair of Mickey/Minnie ears to wear.These made for some REALLY cute pictures at the photo booth! The kids enjoyed the freedom to run around, a craft station where they could make their own bows and necklaces, along with a coloring table for the smaller ones.To say I went over the top for her first birthday is a vast understatement.It was a party that I catered more towards the adults, since, well … Granted she is only a year older, but I wanted this year’s party to be more about Riley.I think she added at least four new Minnies to her collection of stuffed animals.Her Papa also got her a Bitty Baby from American Girl, which she literally hasn’t put down in a week. Speaking of obsessed: Jason and I are so excited for Chris Soules and Whitney. At that time, we didn’t know how the show ended, but filming had wrapped, and he seemed so happy and in love!We both moved to Reno in January of 2014 and in an effort to dive into the social scene, we each discovered a Speed Dating event for young professionals and decided to give it a try, and here we are now.Apparently, Speed Dating isn't just for the movies…it's a real thing and it works!In March of 2017, Jason secretly flew to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to join Molly's parents for dinner where he asked for their blessing to propose.Armed with their approval, He headed back to Reno and began planning.

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