Who is bucky covington dating

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Explore more details about Bucky Covington on Wikipedia.The eighth-place finalist on the fifth season of the runaway hit TV show American Idol, Covington has now parlayed that into a burgeoning country music singing career.And that was exactly what he set out to accomplish.Born in 1977, Bucky is a bit too young to be part of this camp -- he would have been 14 when Desert Storm launched, he was in grade school at the peak of the Super Mario Brothers craze -- but this cultural carbon-dating reveals exactly what audience Bucky Covington is intended to capture: thirtysomethings raised on John Mellencamp and now listening to Kenny Chesney and Alan Jackson.It's country music with anthemic pop hooks and a rock edge, country music that's been crafted with a clear eye on its demographic, which may make it a little crass, but it's still effective commercial country because the songs are melodic, the production crisp, and above all, they're delivered by a singer who is thoroughly likeable. Apply to be a part of the Student Committee for the Arts in 2016-2017 by filling out this application. There will be an information session on May 12, from 6-7pm in Royce 148. Pick up your ticket at will-call in front of Royce starting at […] Join our team! Featuring student bands, acapella, dance, comedy, spoken word, dance, and visual art. SCHEDULE: Panda Express Patio – Student Bands […] SCA and UCLA Radio are proud to present SOUP, our 2nd annual genre fest in Kerckhoff Grand Salon. On record, Bucky appears as genuine as he did on the show, but his vocals are stronger than they were on TV: he's not only more confident but his phrasing is more musical and he can now tell a story -- perhaps not in an original way, but in an engaging way.This newfound strength is showcased well on this well-made piece of country-pop product.

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