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Bucky Covington was one of those charmingly unformed American Idol contestants who had plenty of charisma and an interesting voice but couldn't quite pull it together, yet he stayed on the show for a long time in its fifth season because he had a genuine sweetness buried beneath his gruff voice.Bucky Covington adds a new twist to the notion that winning is everything.The eighth-place finalist on the fifth season of the runaway hit TV show American Idol, Covington has now parlayed that into a burgeoning country music singing career.And that was exactly what he set out to accomplish.

Find out more about your rights as a buyer - opens in a new window or tab and exceptions - opens in a new window or tab.Let's discover Bucky Covington's profile such as: Date of Birth, Birth Place, Current Age, Hight, Nationality, Star sign, Parents, Siblings, Family members, Personal life, Childhood, Early life, Awards and Achievements, Known for, Interesting facts, Networth, House owned, Cars owned, Brand Bmbassador, Owened Business.Explore more details about Bucky Covington on Wikipedia.Featuring student bands, acapella, dance, comedy, spoken word, dance, and visual art. SCHEDULE: Panda Express Patio – Student Bands […] SCA and UCLA Radio are proud to present SOUP, our 2nd annual genre fest in Kerckhoff Grand Salon. Nevertheless, he had the raw elements of a true country star, something that led to a record deal with Lyric Street, which had him record his debut album with Mark Miller, best known as the lead singer of Sawyer Brown.Miller helps polish Bucky into a genuine modern country singer, smoothing out the rough edges in his voice and finding just the right blend of rocking country and down-home corn to showcase his gravelly growl and all-American charm.Read trending tweets about Bucky Covington on Twitter.Find professional information about Bucky Covington on Linkedin below.On record, Bucky appears as genuine as he did on the show, but his vocals are stronger than they were on TV: he's not only more confident but his phrasing is more musical and he can now tell a story -- perhaps not in an original way, but in an engaging way.This newfound strength is showcased well on this well-made piece of country-pop product.

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