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“I’m told.” It makes sense that Fiennes, representative of a sort of timeless patrician Englishness, might inspire a man like Anderson, whose films are suffused with a vague nostalgia for things as they once were.

“I think big films often work on the principle that the audience must be clear about things,” he says.“Before I could stop him,” wrote Jennifer, “Ralph pelted up with a look of intense seriousness.The ventriloquist asked if he had a song and Ralph launched into an improvisation in a made-up language he’d composed in his cot.I don’t know much about Zen, but the placing of stones on sand, you’re looking for an aesthetic harmony in the placing of objects.And that sensibility is something Wes has, in his framing.” Anderson likes to shoot his script exactly as he wrote it, something Fiennes is sanguine about.Which is a nightmare if you’re shooting on film, because it’s expensive.Some are supposedly two-take, three-take directors. István Svabó [who directed Fiennes in Sunshine], he wanted one take that worked, and that was it.” Gustave, fond of declaiming bad poetry, is a man out of time, a remnant of a highly refined mitteleuropäische society that is soon to be crushed under the jackboot.Just before he went to Rada, he was a hall porter at Brown’s Hotel, in Mayfair, changing shower curtains and light bulbs and vacuuming corridors.“There was a slightly Gustave-like waiter who ran the English tea at Brown’s,” says Fiennes. There was an adjacent room to the tea room where all the trays of sweet cakes were laid out for him to trolley through. And I looked down at the cakes and I said, ‘oh, they look really good’.When Ralph Fiennes was three years old, his mother, Jennifer, took him to a children’s party at a neighbouring farm.A ventriloquist had been hired, and he asked if anyone wanted to join him on stage.

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