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While it’s very flattering to hear people saying on Twitter that they’ll take out a second mortgage to win the date…. I was trying to convince some other people around town to do this and I told them, ‘What are you giving up, one night of your life to go meet a new person and enjoy someone’s company and you’re raising money for the Jimmy Fund.’ It doesn’t get any better than that.Red: So in addition to helping a great cause, the winner gets to enjoy the game with you in John Henry’s seats.I’ll be honest: When Heidi Watney first showed up on my TV screen, I tried to play it cool. As I’ve said before, the only thing that saved me from putting my Irish fists through the TV last September was the knowledge that through every wretched Lackey start, every GIDP from Crawford and every bullpen meltdown, the Magic of Watney would be there to take away the pain.In the span of five years we’d lost Krisily and Hazel and Tina and I’d learned that any relationship with a NESN personality not named “Remy” would be a fleeting thing. Somehow she made even the most turgid, balls-in-the-waffle-iron games enjoyable, whether she was flashing that Osmond-caliber smile, hustling her magnificently aerobicized ass to the post-game scrum for interviews, joshing with Don and Jerry, or good-naturedly sampling questionable foods from other ballparks for our between-innings entertainment.I feel like I will always be a part of that family. It was a big part of my life with so many wonderful experiences and memories. For the years I was in Boston I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with a lot of those kids and they are such an inspiration, so many wonderful characters especially among the teenagers who are treated there. But since I’m no longer in Boston, I can’t just be auctioned off and set up an open-ended date.People have asked me ‘what’s your favorite memory’ and I really cannot come up with just one because there are so many different experiences and memories that I got to have with that job and I’m just so fortunate. So I gave Linda Henry a call and told her I’m trying to put together this date that’s going to be auctioned off and it’d be great if we could sweeten the pot by getting some great seats to a Sox game and without hesitation she said, no problem, you guys can have front row tickets.Parts of our conversation are presented here for your reading pleasure: Red: I don’t want to dwell on your leaving NESN, but I will say this: You will be missed. That actually means a lot to me because it’s a very rewarding and fun job but it’s also a long season and it can be tiring at times and it’s nice to know that you had an impact.My family was a big part of the reason I decided to come back to California.

Your work turns into your play when there’s no one else to play with when the workday ends at a.m.

And it’s just you, right, John Henry’s not gonna try to weasel his way in there?

Heidi: Actually I have four tickets so they can bring a friend, they can bring another couple, or I can bring a friend. I’m also going to get passes for batting practice so we can go on the field before hand and go to batting practice and since I know a few of the players I might be able to get them to come over and take a picture or two.

Red: But you will be back for the Project Cupid event, which is very cool, considering that you’ve already moved back to California but have agreed to come back just to lend your support to this cause.

That should inspire people to come by and check out the event even if they don’t plan on bidding. I think it’s gonna be a fun night and I’m really excited to see how it turns out. n=/MSIE\s ([^\);] )(\)|;)/:l&&(n=/Web Kit\/(\S )/),n&&n.exec(g());var p=document,q=p.create Element("link");q.rel="stylesheet";q.type="text/css";q.href=" (m?

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