Who is kenny santucci dating

Q: Do guys prefer girls who keep up constant banter (via text or email), or are you more intrigued by someone who spaces out their messages?

A: We all have a lot going on during the day more than ever before.

Q: Are guys typically turned off by girls who have jobs that require a lot of travel? I like a woman who is career-driven, motivated, and has her own life.The most important piece of knowledge I could give you about this topic is to always be yourself and never pretend to be something you’re not because that first date could turn into a sh*tty three years if you’re not being you.Just like women, guys are human and they want what they can’t have.Q: At what point into dating is it OK to discuss exclusivity, in a man’s mind?A: Exclusivity is something that happens because of a mutual understanding as to where the relationship is.If you’re asking me, it’s a female trait, but we all have it.Q: Are most guys looking for relationships or hook ups – and how can you tell?Call, make a plan, and that’s kind of where the phone conversation should end. If it had meaning it would be called a conversation. Q: Are guys turned off if you reach out to them first after a first date? Personally, as a confident guy, I love to hear from someone that I was looking forward to hearing from.Q: If you go out with a guy and don’t hear from him again until a week later is he not really interested? We live in a new age where it’s not only about guys reaching out to women.Do I truly believe that most people want to settle down? Do I think most people settle down only because they’re lonely? When people want something that is appealing to them, they tend to go after it.It is innate in men to see a beautiful woman and start to daydream about what it would be like…hence, why porn is a billion dollar market.

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