Who is kenny santucci dating

I was introduced to Kenny through my good friend Elyse a few months ago and, after talking to him on the phone for 15 minutes, I was like “this guy…he’s a straight-shooter” (much like myself). Granted, yes, Kenny is more attractive than the average guy, which does skew his responses a bit (3-4 girls a month?!

Lately my friends and I have been talking a lot about the world of dating: online and IRL (in real life, as the “kids” text), and there are just SO many questions we have about dating as successful, 20 and 30-something women…things that literally make us want to scream because we just. ) but, regardless, I actually think we have made a little progress here.

The average person either works long hours or multiple jobs.

I love to hear from you during the day, but please don’t bother me with random sh*t.

If you’re asking me, it’s a female trait, but we all have it.

Q: Are most guys looking for relationships or hook ups – and how can you tell?

If you’re dating someone for a few weeks or even a month and you start talking about exclusivity, if it’s not already understood by that point, you’re clearly not dating.

Q: Are guys typically turned off by girls who have jobs that require a lot of travel? I like a woman who is career-driven, motivated, and has her own life.

Then I decided I wanted to do a post about all the questions we have, and Kenny came to mind right away as someone who I knew would be totally honest and have no qualms about it.

Don’t forget…these are REAL questions from my friends–and a few from me, too 😉 Q: How can you have a great first date and then never hear from someone again?! AND, why are the guys you are NOT interested in always the ones to ask you out again?

I hate lazy women who are just waiting for a guy to come along and do everything for them.

Don’t be overly independent where you come off like an arrogant a*shole, but be proud of what you do and don’t take yourself too seriously. A: I think it’s weird that some women just want to talk via text.

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