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It featured the fictional accounts of the real band Tenacious D, which is composed of members Jack Black and Kyle Gass.

All of the episodes of the show are available on Tenacious D’s The Complete Masterworks DVD.

Guest stars: Jack Black, Kyle Gass, Scott Aukerman and Doris Roberts.

Directors: Jefferson Dutton, Chris Van Artsdalen GHOST GHIRLS is a web comedy series following the antics of two best friends, Heidi and Angelica, who work as paranormal investigators.

Guitar Hero Live will introduce major changes to the ... See full summary » Director: Jeremy Konner Jack Black is the jaded star of a beloved movie franchise reboot.

See full summary » Director: Giorgio Testi The Wild West origins of the LAPD, Rin Tin Tin's rise to fame as a Hollywood star, and the shady dealings behind the LA Aqueduct and St. The guys fall head over heels for a fast food chain's social marketing campaign.

When you move into a new apartment, it takes a while to figure out what's going bump in the night in your new home, and while sometimes those "bumps" can be the frightful figment of your own imagination, a young woman discovers her nighttime fears to be all too real—and painful—in the official trailer for Apartment 212.

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Synopsis: "Fleeing an abusive relationship, Jennifer Conrad is a small-town girl starting over in the big city.

But when she gets up in the morning to find tiny wounds on her body that weren’t there when she went to bed, her once-hopeful waking hours begin to take a horrific turn.

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