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"Because the creature also itself shall be delivered from the servitude of corruption, into the liberty of the glory of the children of God ", ib., 21.

The texts cited above are representative of multitudes similar in tenor, scattered throughout the sacred writings.

But from His infinity He can and does give; and from His fullness have we all received.

All things are, only because they have received of Him; and the measure of His giving constitutes the limitations of their being.

The endowment of intelligence with all that it implies — spirituality and free-will — renders man a higher and nobler image of the Creator than is any other being of this visible world.

To praise, in the exact sense of the term, demands not alone that worth be manifest, but also that there be a mind to acknowledge.

Or that man by co-operating with Him might aid Him in the elimination of evil which He by Himself is unable to cast out?

No; such conceits are incompatible with the true concept of God.

That end was, could be, no other than Himself; for nothing existed but Himself, nothing but Himself could be an end worthy of His action.

"I am Alpha and Omegain Scripture), the beginning and the end, saith the Lord God " ( Revelation 1:8 ); "The Lord hath made all things for himself" ( Proverbs 16:4 ).

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