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"Tom will be allowed to see Suri, but there will be guidelines for the visits… From what I heard it was complicated, and one of the provisions is confidentiality." , "Suri hasn't been labeled a 'suppressive person,' but Katie has, and her closeness to her daughter likely makes seeing both off-limits to Tom." A "suppressive person" in the Church of Scientology is essentially anyone who dares to defect from or speak out against the church.

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What could be the reason behind allegedly choosing to bond with two of your kids, but not the third?The action star and his other children (Connor and Isabella, adopted with ex-wife Nicole Kidman) rarely get papped in their everyday lives, so it makes sense that he may be extra protective of Suri's privacy as well. "He's serious about this relationship and wants to make it work," an insider told the tab in October 2016."Tom wants some companionship." Alas, those rumors may just be rumors after all."It's his usual excuse." With a work schedule that hectic, it's not surprising the actor hasn't had a ton of time to dedicate to his daughter.Cruise himself admitted as much in 2013 during a deposition pertaining to his lawsuit against Bauer Publishing.Katie Holmes and her 11-year-old daughter Suri look like they had the best time last night!The pair were sitting courtside at the Oklahoma City Thunder Vs New York Knicks game held at Madison Square Garden on Saturday (December 16) in New York City.Mid-divorce in 2012, Holmes took Suri to the local mall, and on an ill-fated trip to a park in Toledo in 2013, Suri suffered a broken arm while cartwheeling down a hill.For Thanksgiving 2016, the family made a visit to Toledo's Dave and Buster's for a video game adventure.Like all families, we're guessing the backstory is pretty darn complicated.Regardless, Suri seems to be doing just fine, with or without her dad.

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