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YOU ARE READING Fanfiction My name is Alexandra, put people just call me Alex. The lady handing out the schedules looked at Tyler and I, who was next to me, and said: "Are you guys dating? As I was moving to my new house just as school got out, I was sleeping on the way there, and had a dream. I look around the school and say, "Wow this school is big! As I walk to the car, he slides his side window down and smiles at me. We get to the school, and Tyler parks in the student parking lot, and we walk into the school together, and get in line to get our schedules. " Tyler and Alex look at each other and roll eyes and stare at the nerdy kid. Class, we will be starting our first project today on the play Romeo and Juliet! " The class gets out their books and turn to the page. In an interview with New Media Rockstars, she said, "..since I was a kid, I've always wished that I could dance, but my parents said, 'You [can] choose violin or you [can] choose dance, but we can't afford both', and I chose violin.So this is kind of a fulfillment – it's funny to say, but this is something I've always wanted to do." She impressed the judges on America's Got Talent, not only by mixing hip-hop, pop, and classical music on the violin, but by incorporating dancing with playing the violin, which she also does on her tours and official music videos.

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They agreed to shoot a music video for her song, "Spontaneous Me". The video boosted Stirling's popularity, and she began making music videos for her You Tube channel regularly.I pull out a box of cereal, and set it on the counter while I get the rest of the breakfast together. When I have everything, I sit down at my kitchen table and look at my phone while I eat. Alex." he says, while writing a name on a clipbaord of the class list. is an American violinist, dancer, performance artist, and composer.While I am on my phone, it buzzes and a message pops up on my screen. " "Ya, but you will get used to it after a few months." he says, smiling. When it’s my turn, she says my last name and get my schedule. "We are just friends." Tyler says, looking at me, and then back at her. " "Oh, well you guys would be cute together, just saying." She hands Tyler his schedule and says, "Have a great first day! We walk over to under a staircase, out of the huge crowd and exchange schedules to see what classes we might have together. Stirling's You Tube channel, Lindseystomp, which she created in 2007 and which is named after her first band Stomp on Melvin, is the main repository for her music videos.During 2011, the channel rapidly gained popularity and has over 1.7 billion total views and over 10 million subscribers, as of November 2017 Stirling's collaborations with other musicians and singers have included Shaun Barrowes ("Don't Carry It All" – The Decemberists), Jake Bruene and Frank Sacramone ("Party Rock Anthem" – LMFAO), Tay Zonday ("Mama Economy"), Peter Hollens ("Skyrim", "A Thousand Years", "Game of Thrones" and "Star Wars"), Lzzy Hale ("Shatter Me"), Alisha Popat ("We Found Love"), John Allred ("Tomb"), Amiee Proal ("A Thousand Years"), Megan Nicole ("Starships"), The Piano Guys ("Mission Impossible"), Debi Johanson ("River Flows in You", "Phantom of the Opera"), Sam Tsui ("Heads Up"), Tyler Ward ("I Knew You Were Trouble", Thrift Shop"), Kurt Hugo Schneider ("Pokemón Dubstep Remix" and "A Thousand Years"), John Legend ("All of Me"), Chester See ("I Knew You Were Trouble"), and Pentatonix ("Radioactive", "Papaoutai").On a live-chat, Stirling explained, "It is very unnatural to dance while playing the violin.I had to practice so hard to learn how to do it, but now it is part of my expression and it comes naturally.

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