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Within a very short space of time, he had bulldozed his way into my life in epic style.

But before we move onto that, I would like you to meet Sebastian P-J, known as Seb, or affectionately known as the boy with the disabled eyes and the Sticklebrick hair: So here’s his story.

His first approach was forward, to say the least: ‘so when are you going to ask me out then? Usually I’d be put right off this sort of arrogant approach, but shallowly I liked his pictures, he ticked all the right boxes and I liked the cut of his jib from his profile.

He lives alone in his own 4 bedroomed house in a gated development in Marylebone (part bought thanks to his granny), and works as a primary school teacher in Westminster, in line to become Deputy Head.

His ex girlfriend Laura used to work in A&E and tragically died of breast cancer a few years ago.

They'd been to school together, and Seb would regularly visit him.

He is a huge football fan, and they'd regularly go to watch matches together.

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