Zambian system of marriage and dating

Aired 11-12p ET • Russia Investigation Shakes Trump White House; Lavrov, Manafort's Ukraine Ties Should Be Investigated; Trump Attacks Credibility Of Papadopoulos; A City Break In Brussels; CNN Inside Niger Ambushed Zone; Eight Killed In Gaza Tunnel Explosion.

Aired 11-12p ET • Chinese President Cements His Grip On Power; Trump's Feud With Senator Explodes In Unprecedented Way; Saudi Arabia Announces Plan To Build Mega City; Olympic Torch Lit Ahead Of Journey To South Korea. ; Sexual Assault Allegations; Trump: "End of the ISIS Caliphate is in sight"; U. President Plays Golf as Soldier Laid to Rest; American Soldier Killed in Niger Laid to Rest; Trump Attacks Congresswoman as Soldier Laid to Rest; Report Document Contradicts Trump Gold Star Claims; Trump to Allow Release of Classified JFK Files; What It's Like to Fight ISIS; Exit Polls: Abe Coalition on Track for Victory in Japan; Former U. Presidents Attend Hurricane Aid Concert; World Health Org Responds Mugabe Goodwill Appointment; Bodycam Video Shows Intensity of Battle for Raqqa; A Soldier's View of the Battle Against ISIS; All-Female YPJ Army Helps Defeat ISIS in Raqqa; Fox Renewed O'Reilly Contract After Settlement; Chicago Art Institute: Trump's Renoir is Fake • Inside Raqqa; Oil Moves; Digging In; Catalan President Says Madrid Avoiding Dialogue; Controversial Phone Call; Hurricane Relief Efforts Slow In Puerto Rico; Puerto Rico's Struggle To Recover From Storm; Government Working To Fully Secure Kirkuk's Oil; Toni Braxton Reflects On Her Career; White House Adoration .

Aired 11a-12n ET • South Africa's Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Dead at 81; Trump Threatens to Exit NAFTA, Slams Mexico; British Believe Kremlin Likely Approved Attack on Skripal; Israel to Send African Migrants to Western Countries; North Korea's Leader Kim Jong-un Watches South Korean Performers.

Aired 11a-12n ET • Behind the Scenes In Jordan's Zaatari Camp; Laureates and Leaders Gather To Solve Issues Facing Children; Summit Aims To Develop Plan For Kids On The Move. Announces Measures Against Russia, Expels Diplomats; Students and Teachers Across the U. Walk Out in Protest; Stephen Hawking, Renowned Scientist Dies at 76; Students Around the World Fight Against Modern-Day Slavery.

Aired 11-12p • Scandal Surrounding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Expands; Suspected U. Aired 10-11a ET • Silvio Berlusconi Back In The Political Spotlight; Germany SPD Votes To Join Merkel Coalition; Week Of Chaos Within Presidents Inner Circle; NYT: Kushner's Business Got 0M In Loans After WH Meetings; President Pokes Fun At Himself At Gridiron Dinner; Insult, First Oscar Nominated Lebanese Film. Aired 10-11a ET • Rebel Commander On Eastern Ghouta Fighting; Police Dispatched To Shooter's Home Dozens Of Times; German Court Rules Cities Can Ditch Diesel; Fans Remember Bollywood Star Sridevi; Huawei Uses Smartphone To Drive A Car. India Controversy; New Troubles For Israeli Prime Minister; Carnage Making Humanitarian Catastrophe Even Worse; Students Demand Stricter Gun Laws; Evangelist Billy Graham Dies At Age 99; Reports: At Least 300 Civilians Killed In Eastern Ghouta; Aid Group: Airstrikes Killing Without Mercy; Students Deman Stricker Gun Laws At #Never Again Rally; Source: Second Netanyahu Confidant Turns State Witness.

Aired 10-11a ET • Somber Return To School; Netanyahu Under Fire; Battered Battlefield; Trump's Pre-Campaign Business Dealings Under Scrutiny; Ghani Makes Offer To Taliban; E. Lays Out Its Brexit First Draft; Some Retailers Fight The World's Plastic Binge; CNN's Nima Elbagir Poses As A Migrant; U. Aired 10-11a ET • CNN Exclusive Reporting On Mueller Investigations; Donald Trump Jr.

Aired at 11a-12p ET • Tillerson: my commitment to the president is strong; Trump en route to Las Vegas this hour; Trump to meet with survivors and law enforcement; Tillerson: I reaffirm my commitment to this role; Facebook ads under scrutiny in Russia probe; Tillerson: my commitment to the president is strong; British prime minister May's speech plague by problems. working with South Korea to strengthen its defense; Johnson: from shooting star to thorn in side; Prime-time ceremony gets political. U.; Letter from a Korean War veteran to Kim Jong- un.

Aired at -12p ET • Hurricane Maria aftermath; Catalonia Independence Vote; Trump again lashes out at critics over Puerto Rico; U. has direct communication with North Korea; Two women killed in France knife attack; Saudi University to set up driving school for women; Muslims take to the streets of Ashura; Former NFL star leaves prison on parole, Football Stars back Independence; Police Crack Down On Voters During Catalonian Referendum; Understanding Why Catalan Wants To Break Away From Spain; Kurdish Vote Sparks Fear Of Conflict; A Rare Look At Syria's Deir Ezzor; Report Terror Group Counterattack Defeated; Saturday Night Live Mocks Trump's Puerto Rico Response; Women In Workforce; Qatar Crisis 4 Months On. Aired at 11-12 ET • Hundreds Evacuated As Huge Fire Burns; Officials: It will Take 10-15 Days For Water To Recede; 13 Toxic Waste Sites Flooded Or Damaged; At Least 53 Confirmed Deaths From Storm; Man On A Mission Returns To Flooded Home; North Korea Claims Successful Hydrogen Bomb Test; A Look At America's Last Line Of Missile Defense; South Korea Calls For New Sanctions After N. Nuclear Test; Moon Had Called For Talks With North Korea; Trump To Meet With National Security Team On North Korea; Russia Calls For Strongest Condemnation OF N. Test; Russia Seeking To Expand Its Influence In North Korea; China Angered By North Korea Nuclear Test; North Korean Test Announced On Big Screens In Capital; North Korea Banks On H-bomb For Survival • Flood danger not over for Houston surrounding areas; Houston police; rescue 18 people overnight; Water rescues on going in southeast Texas; Hope and humanity in aftermath of storm; UK and Japan to move quickly on North Korea sanctions; Remembering the people's princess. Aired 11a-12p ET • The man, who police say was behind the Barcelona attack, is considered armed and dangerous; The suspicious person who appeared to be wearing an explosives belt has been shot in police in the town of Subirats; This is a story, not about the murders, but about the people who they stole lives from, 15 people in total.

Aired 11-12n ET • Putin, Erdogan Meet in Turkey; Investors Unnerved by Trump's Attacks on Amazon; Saudi Crown Prince Says Israelis Have Right to Their Own Land; Awaiting First Sentencing in Special Counsel Probe; Israeli Prime Minister Cancels Migrant Deal Hours After Announcement.

Aired 10-11a ET • Two Crisis in Global Aid, Oxfam Allegations and Somalia Terror; Charity Staff Accused Of Hiring Prostitutes In Haiti; Critical Meeting On Zuma's Future; U. Officials Reveal Intelligence On ISIS Leader; Tillerson Kicks Off Middle East Tout In Cairo; Israel Attacks Launched On Iranian Targets In Syria; New Deatils Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Big Day; London Airport Closed After Discover Of WWII Bomb. Aired 10- 11a ET • Atlanta Airport Power Outage; U. Security Council To Weigh Jerusalem Decision; British Prime Minister To Give Update On Brexit; Global Backlash Over Trump's Decision On Jerusalem; President Trump To Unveil new Strategy; South Africa's ANC Looks For New Leader; May To Update Parliament On Brexit. Government: Manchester Bombing Could Have Been Foiled; U. Considering Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel's Capital; Greek Musician Graces Saudi Stage. K.-Irish border issue has dodge wider talks; Republic of Ireland fears hard border with U.

Aired 10-11a ET • Russian Passenger Plane Crashes Near Moscow; Israel Launches Strikes In Syria After Crash Of Jet; Environmental Activist Dies While On Iranian Prison; Naked Ambition Shirtless Runners Brave The Cold. Withholds Million From Palestinian Refugee Agency; Unusual Snowstorm Hits Southern Unites States. Aired 10-11a ET • Muslim Leaders Meet After Trump's Decision; Leaders Of Islamic Nations To Recognize Palestinian State; Alabama Democrat Defeats Republican In Stunning Upset; Exhibit Portrays Russian Leader As Super Putin. K.; How traffickers abuse faith to trap victims; Breaking the cycle of verbal abuse.

Aired 10-11a ET • Battlefield Syria; Outcry Over Abuse Allegations; Preparations And Politics; U. Troops Face Turkey's Wrath; Top Aide Resigns After Abuse Accusations; Pomp And Protest At Pyeongchang; Israeli PM Lashes Out At Police And Proclaims His Innocence; Poland Facing Criticism Over Controversial New Law; British Lawmakers Question Media Executives; Putin's Icy Election Battleground; Iconic Political Moments In Olympic History. Aired 10-11a ET • Trump Takes The Heat; Trump Pushing On DACA Deals; Gadgets And Gizmos; Trump, Moon Speak By Phone; At Least 15 Killed In California Mudslides; New Details About Russia Dossier. Aired at 10-11p ET • Defiance And Despair In Parts Of Arab World; Arab States Weigh U. Jerusalem Decision; Emirati Team Faces Off Against Real Madrid; Trump's Favorite Drink: 12 Diet Cokes A Day; Extraordinary Election; Climate Challenge; Arab Anger. Aired at 10-11p ET • Matt Lauer: I Am Truly Sorry; Son Of War Faces Uncertain Future In Gaza; Fatah And Hamas Wants To Delay Gaza Handover; Officials: White House May Replace Tillerson With CIA Chief; Reviving The Arabic Language.

Aired 10-11a ET • Winter Olympics; Taiwan Tremor, Market Volatility; Raining On Trump's Parade; Poland Facing Criticism Over Controversial New Law; World Powers Jostle On Crowded Battlefields; Senators Working On Bipartisan Deal To Avert Government Shutdown; Skiing Down A Parisian Street; In 5 Minutes The Image Of The Day. Is Strong Right Now, Iran Is A Corrupt Dictatorship, We Wont's repeat mistakes With North Korea, We have Turned the Page On Unfair Trade Deals; CNN Across the World. President Impact On The World; Trump, Muslims Hates U. Aired 10-11a ET • Breakthrough Emerge From North and South Korea Meeting; Iran's Supreme Leader Condemns Western Attacks; Bad Weather, High Seas Hampering Rescue Operations; Rising Anger Over Austerity Measures; Economic Concerns Deepening In Tunisia; Sport And Politics Collide. Aired at -11p ET • Strong Winds Spread Severe California Wildfires; Palestinian Protest On U. Decision On Jerusalem; Palestinian Armed Jihad, Ready For Armed Struggle; CNN On The Ground At Palestinian Protest; Israeli Minister Peace Not Possible With Divided Jerusalem; U. Recognizes Jerusalem As Israel's Capital; Israel Prime Minister Faces Allegations Of Corruption; Ventura Country Fire 96,000 Acres, Five Percent Contained; Jerusalem, A World Away For Palestinian Refugees. Aired at 10-11a ET • Social Media Storm; Blame Game; Return To Gaza; NBC, Reason To Believe This Is Not An Isolated Incident; Military Officials Calls Launch A Special Gift For Trump; Trump Jr.

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