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Aired 11a-12n ET • South Africa's Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Dead at 81; Trump Threatens to Exit NAFTA, Slams Mexico; British Believe Kremlin Likely Approved Attack on Skripal; Israel to Send African Migrants to Western Countries; North Korea's Leader Kim Jong-un Watches South Korean Performers.Aired 11a-12n ET • Behind the Scenes In Jordan's Zaatari Camp; Laureates and Leaders Gather To Solve Issues Facing Children; Summit Aims To Develop Plan For Kids On The Move. Announces Measures Against Russia, Expels Diplomats; Students and Teachers Across the U. Walk Out in Protest; Stephen Hawking, Renowned Scientist Dies at 76; Students Around the World Fight Against Modern-Day Slavery.Aired at 11a-12p ET • Raqqa: Liberated or Just Annihilated? Aired 11a-12p ET • ISIS Defeated In A Capital Of So-Called Caliphate; President Xi Jinping Pledges To Build A Modern Socialist Country; Children Forced To Serve As Slaves For ISIS; Aid Group: Humanitarian Crisis Escalating In Syria; Diwali Lights Up Dubai.Aired at 11a-12p ET • Raqqa Liberated ISIS; Dow Jones Hits 23,000 For First Time; Trump Picks Both Sided In GOP Civil War; Netanyahu Blasts Iran's Prime Minister In Twitter Message; Space Spectacle Two Neutron Stars Collide.

Aired 11-12p ET • Connecting Trump's World; Xi Host Trump For Dinner In Forbidden City; Security, Trade Dominate U. President Tour; North Korea Blasts Human Rights Record; Democrats Sweeps Races One Year After Trump Win; The End Of May; American Jailed For Calling Mugabe Sick And Selfish.

Aired 11a- 12p ET • Saudi Crown Prince, Iran's Actions May Be Act Of War; Ballistic Missile Intercepted Near Saudi Capital; The Middle East After ISIS; Corruption Crackdown Triggers Investors Uncertainty; North Korea Is A Worldwide Threat; North Korea Watches Trump Trip Very Closely; Manafort And Gates Remain Under House Arrest; Eight Members From One Family Killed In Attack; Remembering The Victims; Dozens Detained In Saudi Anti-Corruption Sweep; Disney Blocks Newspaper From Movie Screenings; Woman Fired For Flipping Off Trump Motorcade.

Aired at 10-11a ET • In Saudi Arabia, Missiles, Arrest, And A Resignation; Saudi Foreign Minister Speaks To CNN Amid Shake Up; tackling Corruption In The Kingdom; Behind Resignation Of Lebanon's Prime Minister; Kingdom's End Game On Iran.

Aired 11-a ET • Saudi King Begins Anti-Corruption Crackdown; Houthi Rebels In Yemen Fired Missile At Riyadh; Uncertainty In Lebanon After PM Hariri Resigns; Trump: Major Discussions On North Korea, Trade With Japan; Deadliest Terror Attack In NYC Since 9/11; Mueller Makes His Mark • Washington Woes; Suspect Was Inspired By ISIS Videos; Manafort Holds Multiple Passports, Fake Name And Email; White House Downplays Charges In Russia Probe; Blackwater Founder Considers Future.

Aired 11-12p ET • New York Terror Attack; Effort To Create Mayhem And Terror, Failed; FBI and NYPD giving updates on terror attack; Sources: suspect came to U. from Uzbekistan in 2010; Putin visits Tehran for high-level talks; Trump wants to step up Extreme Vetting.

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